Dove showergels.

Today I have a review for you guys about two Dove showergels. I’ve been using showergels by Dove for years now, and I really love them. If you want to know more about them, than keep on reading!

Today I will be talking about the Dove Silk Touch and the Dove Winter Care showergel. There are many many more out there, and I’ve tried lots of different scents. I think that from all the ones I’ve tried these two are by far my favorites. They are just the best of the best of the entire Dove showergel collection!

The first showergel I’ll be talking about is the Silk Glow. It’s a very nourishing “showercream” as they call it. It says that this showergel gives you radiant, soft skin and that it will nourish your skin deeply because of their Nutrium Moisture. The smell of this showergel is the best. It’s really soft and not too overpowering. It’s a kind of calm scent. That makes it more appropriate for people that don’t like too overpowering scents when it comes to their showergels.

What I love about this showergel is that it really makes your skin super soft. Your skin will really feel like silk when you wash your body with it. It’s a very nice experience.

The bottle is very basic. It looks just fine. I kind of like the shape of it. Something I don’t like is the way it opens up. It’s impossible for me to open this bottle without ruining my nail polish. That might just be me, I don’t know, but it’s kind of annoying.

The second one is the limited edition Winter Care. I actually got this one in the middle of the summer in a discount store, so if you really want this one I would recommend going to a store where they sell beauty products for less (for example the Action, Op = Op Voordeelshop, etc.), they might have it.

I like this one slightly better than the previous one because I just really love winter. This showergel really gives me that wintery feeling. Like it’s almost Christmas. The packaging is also a little bit more cute, because of the pink and the snowflakes.

This one is also could nourishing, but not as nourishing as the Silk Touch.

Overall I think the Dove showergels are amazing. Besides the Winter care and Silk touch, they also have more fruity ones which are nice too. Those are great for people who shower in the morning, they will instantly wake you up.

The Dove showergels are available pretty much anywhere they sell showergels and they cost €3,05 – €3,55.

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