New In: School bag

Almost every year I buy a new schoolbag. This because mine are always devastated after a year and they sometimes almost fall apart. School has started about a month ago and my old bag wasn’t going to make it. Therefore I decided to buy a new bag.

I got this super pretty bag from Dolcis. It’s actually quite similar to my previous bags, but I just like this shape. I think it looks pretty and it’s the right size. I normally go for a more chestnut color, but this time I went for a pretty beige color. It’s nice to change things up every now and then isn’t it.

The bag is made of fake leather. It feels quite firm, which is a very important thing when you use a bag for school. It has to hold quite a lot of books, which is quite heavy. You don’t want it to be broken after a week.

The bag has two little pockets on the front of the bag, in which I like to keep my keys, lipbalm, phone and some other essentails. It has a few smaller pockets on the inside for some smaller things and one pocket on the back. I really like that it has different pockets so I don’t have to put everything in one compartment.

The bag is slightly smaller as my previous one, but it’s a little bit higher. It’s also quite wide. On the sides it has two little rings for the extra strap you can attach to it so you can wear it across your body. That extra strap comes with the bag, you can decide yourself if you want to use it or not.

I really love my new bag. I was a little scared that I wouldn’t like it because of it’s color, but I actually love it a lot. I hope that this bag survives a little longer than my other ones.

This bag is from Dolcis and costs €29,99 which I think is quite a reasonable price for a bag. I bought this one on their site, but you can get it in their stores as well. I hope you liked reading this, and let me know what you think of my new bag!

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