Worth the hype: The Body Shop bodybutters

When it comes to bodybutters, I think that the ones by The Body Shop are the first ones that you think of. In the past few years I’ve read so many positive reviews about them, and I heard so many people rave about it. So today I will tell you if these bodybutters are worth the hype.

I have quite a collection of bodybutters by the bodyshop. I’ve actually done a post about all of them. Today I will only talk about a few of them, because this post would be way too long if I would go through each and every one of them seperately. If you want to know more about a specific one, let me know in the comments!

The bodybutters from TBS come in many different scents and textures. You have very soft ones, like the mango bodybutter. You have quite hard butters like the shea one and you have something in between like the blueberry one. All have it’s own pros and cons, which I will share with you now.

The first one for today is the mango bodybutter. This one has a very soft texture. It’s not as soft as a bodylotion but not as hard as a real butter. It’s kind of like a creamy texture. Eventhough it’s not super hard, it’s still very moisturizing. I think it’s one of the most nourishing bodybutters they have.

The smell of this bodybutter is amazing. It smells like a delicious mango smoothie. It’s really a summery scent. The bodybutter blends into your skin really nicely, but doesn’t absorb as fast as others might do. It’s quite a thick cream. I like using this after I went to the beach or just to the pool because your skin can use that extra moisture then.

This bodybutter is perfect for mango-lovers that are not a great fan of really hard bodybutters. It does take some time to sink into your skin, but after that you’ll be left with perfectly soft and moisturized skin.

As you can tell I have used this one with a lot of love. This is actually not even my first packaging. This is the shea butter version and I’ve loved this one for years now. It was my first TBS bodybutter ever. This one has a quite hard texture. You can compare it to butter that has been in the fridge for a while. Even though it’s a lot harder than the mango one, this one absorbs quicker.

This bodybutter is perfect for people that don’t really like summery and fruity scents and don’t want to wait for it to sink it. This one is also very moisturizing, but in a different way than the mango version. I love this one a lot!

The last one is the blueberry bodybutter. The texture of this one is a combination between the previous ones. It’s not too hard and not too soft. This one is comparable to room temperature butter. It’s a lot more easily to blend into your skin than the shea one. It’s also a little bit less moisturizing, which is nice for people that don’t have really dry skin, but still like bodybutters.

I think that this is the best texture to go for if you’re not sure what you want. It’s easy to use, it sinks in quite quickly and it smells very good. This scent is appropriate for every season. It’s a very good product to start with.

All together I think that the TBS bodybutters are really worth the hype. I got quite a collection going on, with all kinds of different ones and I use them very often. I like that they come in so many different textures and scents, that there has to be one for everybody. They also come in different sizes. There are travel sized ones, normal sized ones like the shea and blueberry one and XL ones like the mango one.

The XL bodybutter is €21 and the normal size €16. They are available at the TBS stores and their online website. Let me know in the comments what your favorite TBS bodybutter is!

9 thoughts on “Worth the hype: The Body Shop bodybutters

  1. Ten eerste, wat een heerlijke collectie bodybutters heb je! De mango variant vind ik ook absoluut geweldig. Die geur, hmm! ♥ De Shea versie en Blueberry versie vind ik ook lekker, maar m’n favorieten is toch Amandel, denk ik! Of Japanese Blossom Cherry.


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