My favorite TV shows

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One of my favorite things to do in my free time is watching TV shows. Preferably on Netflix. Today I will share my favorite shows with you guys. Be sure to let me know what your favorite show is too, so I can watch it.

Alexa Dagmar

1. Gossip Girl

My number one fave show is Gossip Girl. It´s the most amazing and perfect and super girly show. I like how it gets better and better through the seasons. The first episodes might be a bit boring, but the further you get, the more you´ll like it. I´m so sad that they won´t be making new episdoes!

2. How I Met Your Mother

Another awesome show is How I Met Your Mother aka HIMYM. I watched this show with my boyfriend, who loved it a lot too. It has quite a lot of seasons, which is a plus. It´s fun for boys and girls, so this is very appropriate to watch when you have a boy around. I really loved it.

3. Modern Family

Modern Family is such a lovely show. I watched this one with my boyfriend as well. The new season has actually recently started. I haven´t watched any new episodes yet, but I´m very excited to do so. It´s the most funny show. I love Phil so much, he´s the most funny character ever.

4. Pretty Little Liars

Of course PLL has to be in this list. I have had a moment when I didn´t like it as much because it kind of gets boring after a while in my opinion ´cause it gets kind of predictable, but now I´m loving it a lot again. I really hope that episode 13 will come out soon!

Pretty little liars 💕

5. Community

Last but not least, another fun show, community. It´s not on Netflix, but you can watch it online. I really like this show because it´s kind of relatable I guess. And Abed (I don’t know his real name), he’s the best actor in the world!

I hope you liked this list of my fave TV shows. Of course there are many more shows I like, but these are my top 5 favorites. Let me know in the comments what your fave TV shows are!

6 thoughts on “My favorite TV shows

  1. Jaaa, Gossip Girl en Pretty Little Liars vind ik geweldig! Gossip Girl heb ik nu uitgekeken, maar PLL draait gelukkig nog wel even 🙂


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