Lush Vanishing Cream

When I went to Den Bosch I visited the Lush store there. Lush is one of my favorite stores ever. Everything smells delicious there and the people there are so friendly! When I was there I got a little sample of their Vanishing Cream because I wasn’t sure if it would work well for my skin. Today I decided to review it, even though it’s a sample, I hope you guys like to read it!

The Lush Vanishing cream is one of their moisturizers for the more oily skin. The lady in the store told me that most of their moisturizers are for pretty dry skin because they are super moisturizing, but there were two moisturizers for the more oily skin. The Enzymion and the Vanishing Cream. The Enzymion is, according to the lady there, super mattifying and the Vanishing Cream sinks into the skin very quickly. I went home with a sample of the Vanishing Cream, and I was super excited to try it out.

After a few days of trying it out I wasn’t actually sure if this cream was something for me. My skin still felt a little oily, especially my chin was out of control. Still, it wasn’t as oily as it would be with a different moisturizer, but then again, why would I buy a 28 euro moisturizer if it doesn’t work wonders?

The moisturizer does sink into the skin quite quikcly, which is nice. It doesn’t leave me with a super matte skin, but it doesn’t leave me with an oily residue either. After a few days of usage, I decided to use my Vichy moisturizer, which I love a lot. That day my skin was actually really out of control, especially if you compare it to the days were I used the Lush moisturizer.

So I can say that this moisturizer does it’s job. It vanishes really quickly and doesn’t leave you with an oily residue. But I’m not actually sure if I would spend 28 euro’s on this. If you’ve got normal to combined skin, this moisturizer might be your holy grail.

I kind of wonder if the Enzymion cream does work well for my skin. If you’ve ever tried it, let me know in the comments what your thoughts about it are!

2 thoughts on “Lush Vanishing Cream

  1. Hmmm, hij klinkt goed, maar 28 euro is inderdaad net even teveel om de gok te wagen. Ik zou voor dat geld wel echt een product willen waarvan ik echt een “wow!” effect heb, haha.


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