Top 3: Mascara’s

Mascara is in my opinion the most important part of make-up. That because it makes the most difference, it makes everything look just that little bit better. Today I will share my top 3 mascara’s with you! Keep on reading!

My number one favorite mascara is the Maybelline The Rocket Volum’ Express mascara, the waterproof version. This is one of the only waterproof mascara’s that actually works. In my opinion, waterproof mascara’s are always a bit less voluminous, but this one is. I really like the brush, it makes applying it very easy and it doesn’t look clumpy. This is in my opinion the best mascara out there!

It’s also really waterproof. It doesn’t smudge in the rain or when your eyes tear up a bit. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t cost too much effort to get it off, which is the case with quite some waterproof mascara’s out there. If you use the right products, it’s gone before you know it!

My second fave is also by Maybelline. This is the Go Extreme! Volum’ mascara. I love it because this is the best mascara ever if you want very voluminous lashes. This mascara will make anyones lashes stand out like they have never done before. I love this so much!

The brush is also very nice. It looks a little interesting, and I’m not sure what the whole idea behind that it, but what I know is that it’s amazing. I would really recommend this to basically anyone! Wether you already have long voluminous lashes or not, this is the mascara you’ve been looking for.

The last mascara is the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara in extra black. This is my second tube of this mascara, which basically means it’s amazin! My favorite part about this mascara is the brush. It seperates your lashes really well, you won’t be left with clumpy spider lashes at all! It also gives you lots of volume and makes your lashes look a bit longer. I love this.

The reason why this one is last on this top 3 list is because it smudges really easily. I have quite teary eyes, especially when it’s colder outside my eyes tend to tear because of the wind. If you have problems with that too, you might want to skip this mascara.

That was my top 3 mascara’s. I hope you liked reading it and let me know what your favorite mascara’s are!

8 thoughts on “Top 3: Mascara’s

  1. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar de Million Lashes mascara, ik heb daar al veel over gehoord! Zelf valt de Colossal bij mij erg tegen helaas 😦


  2. Oh yes! De Volume Million Lashes mascara is echt al 3 jaar mijn topfavoriet. Echt een schitterende mascara!

    Je andere twee favorieten lijken me ook echt heel fijn. Ik denk dat jij nu de eerste bent die me overtuigd heeft om deze ook eens te proberen. Volgens mij heb je echt wel een goede smaak in mascara 😉

    X Sara


  3. Een goeie mascara vinden blijft een challenge vindt ik haha, de gele heb ik ook tijden geleden gebruikt vond deze heel fijn. Ben wel benieuwd naar de rocket volume. Fijne mascara’s heb je uitgekozen! X


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