Maybelline Electro Babylips

After all those years, Maybelline finally introced the Netherlands to Babylips. They have been available around the world for years now, but only one or two years ago they came to the Netherlands. Recently they added six new colors to the Babylips collection, of which I´m going to be reviewing three today!

The new colors are from the `Electro` collection which consists out of six very bright neon colors. I picked up the three most wearable ones. They Besides these three, they also have a yellow, green and orange one. The ones I got are called Berry Bomb, Pink Shock and Strike A Rose.

The Babylips come in a black tube, with a see-through lid. I like the look of it. It’s different from the other ones, which makes them a bit more special. I also like that they are packaged in plasic, so you don’t have to worry about it already being used in the store.

This is Pink Shock. It’s a very bright candy pink. It’s a little darker than the usual candy pink, but I like it. It smells super delicious, like a cookie we call “roze koek” in Dutch. It’s a very sweet scent. The lipbalm feels very hydrating, which all Babylips do actually. Besides being amazing, they actually work too. That’s something not a lot of brands succeed in.

The next color is called Strike A Rose. I think this is my favorite of the three. It’s a very pretty bright rosy pink. It’s a lot lighter than Pink Shock. I think this one looks a little more girly and sweet. Again, this lipbalm smells really, really good. I can’t really describe the scent, but if you own any Babylips, you might know what I mean with “the typical Babylips scent”.

The last color is Berry Bomb. This is a slightly less wearable shade, because it’s such a bright purple. I really love purples, so I thought this one would be a great addition to my collection. I do have to say that I did expect it to be a little less pigmented than the other two, just because it’s such a different shade than your usual lipcolor. Personally, I wouldn’t wear super bright and pigmented purples either.

These are the swatches of all three of them. As you can see the pink colors are quite pigmented, which is a huge plus. Babylips are not the kind of tinted lipbalms that don’t have a tint. They actually do, in a very pretty way. It’s not too overpowering, so it’s perfect for those of you that prefer wearing something natural on their lips. I’m one of those persons too. Therefore, I’m a huge fan of the Babylips.

As I mentioned before, I expected the purple one to be less pigmented, and it actually is. It does provide some color, which is good, but it’s still tinted. I like that they did that.

All together I can say that I’m really happy Maybelline added these new Babylips to their collection in the Netherlands. I hope they will add more colors soon, maybe some fall/winter colors?

The Babylips are available in drugstores for around €3,49 – €3,99. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are about the Maybelline Babylips!


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