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Lately I’ve really been into scarfs. I love the look of them, how they can look casual but also really chique. Today I will share some scarf inspiration pictures I’ve found on the internet. Keep on reading!

These two pictures really show how different you can style scarfs. The outfit on the left is a little bit more on the edgy style, but still looks pretty chique, while the outfit on the right picture is definitely something more cozy and comfy. I like both styles. I think I would wear the one on the right, because I’m someone that prefers comfy clothing, but I like the color of the scarf on the left better. I like how chique and put together it looks.

In these two oufits they combined a scarf with a leather jacket. I really like that combination. It really makes me want to buy a black leather jacket!. I love especially the outfit on the right. I would definitely wear that. I like that it’s comfy, but still chique and put together. It’s perfect for this time of year!

Lastly I have two more very pretty oufits. The first one is really comfy and cozy. I love the cardigan she is wearing! I also love the color combination, I think it looks really good with her hair color! The outfit on the ride hand side is also very pretty. I like that the jacket is a little different than usual. She has a real great fashion sense!

I hope you liked these inspiration pictures, and I hope they inspired you as much as they inspired me. Let me know in the comments what you favorite way is to style scarfs.

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5 thoughts on “Scarfs

  1. Ik houd ook intens veel van shawlen! Vooral nu met de herfst/winter.. lekker dike en gebreide.. heerlijk! ^_^


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