Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nailpolish

Recently Sally Hansen came with a new nailpolish collection. This collection is based on the gel nails at home trend that was going a while ago. The difference with these nailpolishes is that you don’t need a UV-light anymore! According to Sally Hansen you only have to polish your nails with their nailpolish, and it will give you the same result as real gel nailpolish! That sounds interesting.

The nailpolishes come in quite a lot of colors. They got lots of bright colors, pastels, but also some more deep and fall appropriate colors. Even though I love fall colors, I picked up two bright shades. I personally liked them better. I got two colors. A blue one called Sugar Fix and a very bright pink one called Shock Wave. To get the long lasting and glossy effect that real gel nailpolishes do give you, you also need the top coat. The top coat comes in a black bottle with a white lid. Don’t mix this up with the black nailpolish color!

This color is called Shock Wave. It’s a really bright pink shade. Super girly and fun. I instantly liked it. It’s not really appropriate for this season, but it’s pretty.

The color is quite covering, but you do have to use quite thick layers of nailpolish to get that effect. If you apply too thin layers, you will see parts of your nails through the color. The nailpolish is really easy to apply. Because of the size of the brush, it’s easy to apply it neat and quick. It doesn’t take a long time at all.

The next color, called Sugar Fix is more of a bright baby blue. It’s different from the colors I would usually wear, but it’s really pretty. It’s a very nice and creamy color. Both of them don’t have any glitter in them, which is a plus to me.

This nailpolish is again super easy to apply and covers within two layers of polish. I think that these nailpolishes are perfect for people that have trouble with polishing their nails neatly, because with this brush you almost can’t go wrong.

Than we have the top coat. According to the women in the store, the top coat is essential. She told me that without it you can’t use this nailpolish. I honestly don’t really believe that. I haven’t tried it, but I can’t imagine that the top coat makes that much of a difference. It might do, I don’t know, but I just don’t think you can’t use it at all if you don’t use the top coat.

With that being said, I do recommend getting the top coat too. It makes the nailpolish look a lot more glossy and really finishes it off. It also makes it stay on longer too. This is the step that turns it into a gel nailpolish I suppose.

But, the big question, how long does it stay on your nails? This nailpolish has been on my nails for seven days now, and only now it starts to shatter a bit, but it still looks presentable. It even survives work, which not a lot of nailpolishes do on my nails. I’m really excited about that. I think that Sally Hansen has done a great thing coming out with this collection.

All together I can say that I’m quite a big fan of these nailpolishes.  Actually, I’m a huge fan! I can’t wait to pick up some more colors! I love the way they are easy to apply, look nice and glossy and stay on for a week!

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nailpolish costs €11,99 and is available at Ici ParisXL, Douglas, Etos. Let me know what your thoughts are about these nailpolishes, and what you favorite color is!


8 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nailpolish

  1. Deze klinken erg fijn en prettig in gebruik! Love de kleurtjes en ook hoe ze dekken.


  2. Got these in my ipsy bag! Was fairly impressed. Now that I own the topcoat I will probably get a few more colors since they arent so expensive on their own!!


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