Favorite fall nailpolishes + It’s my birthday!

Well today the excitement is double as big as it usually is because it’s my birthday! I became 17 years old today and I’m very excited about that. But besides that, I of course also have a normal post for you guys about beauty related stuff. Today I will show you my favorite fall nailpolishes from my nailpolish collection! Keep on reading.

The first two polishes are both by Essie. The glittery one is called Leading Lady and the other one is called She’s Pampered. The She’s Pampered color appears quite a lot lighter and brighter on the picture than it really is. It’s actually a lot more red, it’s almost like a raspberry color.

I like these two so much. They dry super quickly and the colors are super pretty. I really like combining them. When I do so I put She’s pampered on my nails as a base color and then put Leading Lady on top.

The next two colors are from the Nicole by OPI collection. The red color is called Boys ‘N Berry, which is a very deep berry color with a very special purply gold shimmer in it. The other polish is called Sounds Grape To Me. This is a very shimmery color. The polish itself is brown, but the shimmers in it are gold and purple. In every angle it looks so different. I really like that about it.

I also really love the Maybelline Super Stay gelnail colors. The main reason why these are so amazing is because they stay. They actually stay for 7 days. They even survive work, which is just a unique thing because no nailpolish ever does. I have 5 or 6 colors from this collection, but these two are my absolute faves for fall. The purple color is called Berry Stain and the very dark purple is called Extreme Blackcurrent. These nailpolishes are really the best!

Another nailpolish I love during the fall (and winter) time is this OPI nailpolish in the color Die Another Day. I think it’s from the Skyfall collection. I got this one from my boyfriend almost two years ago and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s just the perfect red color. It’s not as dark as the Nicole by OPI colors, but it’s really pretty.

Last but not least I have three Catrice nailpolishes. A few years ago I was all about the Catrice nailpolish. I bought so many of them. Now I honestly don’t use them too often anymore because when you compare them to other ones, they are just not that great when you look at for example staying power. But, these three are different. I do use these three because the colors are so special.

The shimmery purple color is called Dirty Berry. It’s just really pretty. I rediscovered it while I was cleaning out my nailpolish collection. I really don’t know why I haven’t used it in so long, it’s gorgeous.

The next two colors are called Captain  Sparrow’s Boat and the green one is called After Eight. These two are just so special. They look like liquid metal actually.

That’s it. That are all of my favorite nailpolishes for the fall time. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Let me know what your favorite nailpolishes are for the fall (and winter)time.

10 thoughts on “Favorite fall nailpolishes + It’s my birthday!

  1. GEFELICITEEEERD! ♥ En wat een mooie kleurtjes, vooral die van Essie en Nicole by OPI! catrice dirty berry blijft ook prachtig ❤


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