BuyInCoins haul

More than a month ago I orderd something from BuyInCoins. Because the site was under construction, the shipping took over a month, but now it finally arrived and I’m super excited to show you what I got!

The very first thing I got is this fake Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. It was super cheap, so I decided to get it. I don’t think that I would ever buy the real one, just because I think that it’s way too expensive for such a basic palette. I would much rather spend my money on more special eyeshadows, instead of these boring shades. Even though I might make it sound like I hate this palette, I don’t, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. I think that this palette is great for when you go travelling or for when you need a basic highlighter or a mid brown shade. I wouldn’t make a look using only this palette, but it’s nice if you need some basic shades.

This palette was €2,64.

I went a bit crazy at the brushes section. I bought 6 eyeshadow brushes. I’ve read a few things about them, and they just looked really good to mee. I can’t say too much about them yet, but I will review them very soon. I got three brushes that according to blogposts I’ve read about them are dupes of MAC brushes. I’m very excited to try them out. They look very good to me

These brushes were all between €0,79 – €1,00

I hope you liked this little haul, and be sure to keep an eye out for the reviews about these products. Let me know in the comments if you have any experience with BuyInCoins and let me know what you think of it!

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