Germany haul

Well, I went shopping again. This time I went to CentrO Oberhausen with my mother. It’s a big indoor mall with lots and lots of amazing stores. Today I will show you what I bought. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

Let’s start off with P2. P2 is my absolute favorite budget beauty brand. They have such a lot of great quality product for such a small price. So of course I had to pick up some of their products while I was in Germany. First off all I got a new foundation. It’s the Ultra Matte 24Hours foundation. I got it in the lightest shade I could find and it was only €4,95.

I also picked up a concealer by P2. It’s the Mattifying Perfection concealer. This one is even lighter than the foundation. I think that the packaging looks really classy! This concealer costs €2,95

Then I have the P2 Perfect Eyes eyeshadow primer. I already own the face primer from the same collection, which I really like, so I thought this would be a hit as well. It was only €3,25

And of course that wasn’t everything from P2. No, I got more! The reason why I really wanted to go to Germany was because my loved P2 cream shadow was getting a little bit too empty to my liking. I really wanted to pick up some backups, which I did. I really love these. These cream shadows cost €2,95.

I also really needed a new waterproof mascara. This one by P2 looked quite good to me and was only €2,45.

Next up are these two polishes by P2. The red one is a liquid sand nailpolish. It’s a really pretty red color with lots of golden glitter in it. This nailpolish costs €1,95. The other polish I got is actually a topcoat. Mine has been empty for forever, so this was really necessary. The topcoat costs €2,45.

Besides all the P2 products, I also got some other goodies. I picked up a amazingly delicious smelling showergel by Balea. Little side note, if you ever find yourself in a store selling Balea, try some of their products! Balea is super amazing. They have a lot of different products for really cheap. This showergel for example was only €0,55! That’s insane!

I also got a new blush by Alverde. It’s a really pretty fall/winter color. This blush was €2,95.

Something else I’m really excited about are these two Treacle Moon bodylotions. I’ve never seen them in stores here in the Netherlands so as a Treacle Moon fan, I was really happy to find these two. The big one is in one of my favorite scents, Warm Cinnamon Nights and was €3,95 and the little one is in the scent The Raspberry Kiss and was €0,95!

Of course I also paid a visite to the Kiko store there. I was happy to see that they still had the Daring Game limited edition going one, since I really liked the packagings and I really wanted something from that collection. I picked up an eyeshadow palette for €14,90 and a really pretty lipstick for €7,90. A review of these two beauties will be up soon!

Last but not least I got a Kiko eyeshadow in a really pretty (semi)matt white shade, perfect for highlighting and a pretty glamorous nailpolish. Both of them were only €2,90!

That was all. I also got a few pieces of clothing but because those pictures looked so horrible, I left them out. If you want to see a review on anything, let me know!

6 thoughts on “Germany haul

  1. Oeh je P2 en Kiko goodies ♥ En Balea is zooo’n fijn merk!! Lekker geshopt meis, ik wil ook nog eens dolgraag naar CentrO!


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