6x BuyInCoins make-up brushes

Today I have something I’m super excited about.  A little while ago I finally received my BuyInCoins order. I did a haul on it, and today it’s time to review. I will be reviewing the six brushes that I ordered. They were super affordable, let’s hope the quality is great too!

These are the first three brushes. They are quite similar, especially the first two. They look quite professional because of the silver and black handle with the white hairs. I love it when brushes have white hairs because I feel like those brushes are just better for me. They are softer and better to me. That might be complete bullshit, but it’s just an opinion right?

This is the first brush. I have to admit that I’m not sure which one of the two it is that looks so similar. One of the brushes is labelled with a number, number 222 and the other one doesn’t have a number. There is only a very small difference between the two. The numberless one has a slightly thicker handle. I don’t know for sure.

But back to the brush itself. As I mentioned before I just really like the look of it. It doesn’t look like it’s only less than one Euro at all in my opinion. The brush itself feels really soft, but not in a way that it is too fluffy. Just the right amount of softness. I like this brush a lot for putting eyeshadows in my crease. It’s the perfect shape.

I’m pretty positive that this is the 222 brush, but again, I am not a hundred percent sure. This brush is basically identical to the previous one. It’s super soft, not too fluffy, looks very good and works great for putting eyeshadows in the crease. This brush is slightly shorter than the numberless one as well, but there is no difference in the way they work. They are pretty much the same if you look at that.

This is the third brush. This is the 217, I am actually a hundred percent sure about that. I took the picture from a slightly different angle than I did with the previous too because I really wanted to emphasize the difference between this one and the previous two. This one is flat on the side, while the other two are more round. The fact that it’s not round but a little more flat makes this brush very multifunctional. I like it for applying my medium brown shade in my crease (a blending color), but I also like it for my lid shade or ever my highlighter. You can use this for almost everything.

The next three have a slightly different look and function. I really needed some more brushes to apply my eyelid shade with and a smaller brush to apply special colors with precisely. They all look a bit different. The first one has a wooden handle, the other one a black one and the last one a pink one. The thing they do have in common is that all three of them are increddibly soft. It’s insane!

This is the black handle brush. It doesn’t really have a number or anything, so I just call it the black handle brush. It’s the biggest of all three of them. As you can see on the picture, it’s quite flat. It’s still fluffy, but not as fluffy as the previous ones. This one is perfect for my eyelid shade. I just really like it for that, I don’t have anything else to say about it. It’s just a great brush!

This next brush, which I’ll be reffering to as the wooden handle brush is a lot more fluffy than the black handle brush. It’s also a bit smaller. With this brush you can apply your eyeshadows really precisely. I like it for applying darker or colored shades. It’s really soft and fluffy. I think this is the perfect brush that I’ve been searching for all this time!

This is already the next brush. It’s the pink handle brush. It’s slightly bigger than the wooden handle brush and it’s a little less fluffy but it’s still really soft and works very well. I really love this brush for all kinds of purposes. It’s just a great basic brush to have in your brush collection.

All together I have to say that I’m very happily surprised by the quality of the BuyInCoins brushes. None of them costed me more than one Euro, which is insanely cheap. I really recommend these brushes to everyone. They are great! You can find these and a lot more in the brush section on www.buyincoins.com.


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