BuyInCoins Naked Basics palette

Yesterday I did a review on my new BuyInCoins brushes, and today I’ll be reviewing the BuyInCoins Naked Basics palette. It’s a remake of the Urban Decay Naked Basics, which is in my opinion way to expensive for such simple colors, so I decided to buy this one from BuyInCoins which costed me only a euro and a bit. If you want to know wether this palette is a good alternative to the real one or not, you should read on!

The palette comes in a little box. On the back it says something about the palette and which colors are in there. When you open it this little palette comes out. It’s a pretty dark beige shade, which I think is one of the only difference between this palette and the real one, since I had the feeling that the real one is slightly lighter.

On the back it says “Beauty with an edge” which I guess is UD’s slogan and it gives some information about the brand. I’m actually quite surprised they did that because this isn’t even a real UD palette.

The palette consists out of six colors called: Venus – Foxy – Walk Of Shame – Naked 3 – Faint – Crave. The shadows are pretty basic (no shit Sherlock haha). They can be used to create a very basic everyday look, or you could use it as a palette that contains your highlighters and blending colors. To me it’s the second one. I’m not the biggest fan of such basic looks, so I use it as like a palette with my basic everyday shades that I use for my everyday eyeshadow looks.

The colors are pretty pigmented. It’s not insane, it’s definitely not the same as real Urban Decay eyeshadows, but they are quite great. The highlighter colors are also pretty great, I have seen worse. The only shade that is almost insivisble is Naked 2, but that is because it’s so close to my skintone. I think that BuyInCoins did quite well on the pigmentation part!

All together I think this fake UD Naked Basics palette is a hit. You can get it on for only €2,64. I hope you enjoyed reading todays article, and let me know what you think about fake Naked palettes!


10 thoughts on “BuyInCoins Naked Basics palette

  1. You should be careful with those knockoff palettes; they’re not approved by health organizations and can include toxic chemicals and heavy metals, which is particularly dangerous near your eyes.


  2. Ziet er prima uit, qua pigmentatie ook. Maar ik ben altijd een beetje huiverig voor namaak!


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