Yves Rocher Protection & Radiance conditioner

Today I have a review about the Yves Rocher Protection & Radiance conditioner. I did a Yves Rocher haul yesterday, in which I already warned you to get ready for an overload on Yves Rocher reviews, and this will be the first one of lots. If you’re curious about this conditioner, keep on reading!

The conditioner comes in this tall but slim tube. The tube itself is green and the wrapper around it with the information on it is white. The lid is brown. This color combo really gives a natural and biological feeling, at least it does to me. On the front it already mentions that this conditioner is silcone and paraben free. I really like that most Yves Rocher hair products are silicone and paraben free, because my hair just simply can’t handle silicones.

The product comes out of this opening when you squeeze the tube. You can easily control the amount of product coming out, and you don’t have to squeeze very hard. The product is not inbetween thin and thick, and it’s easy to distribute it throughout your hair. It doesn’t contain any lumps at all, which is nice.

When you’ve washed it out of your hair, your hair will be super soft and it will be easy to brush through it. I can really see a difference in my hair after using this product. The ends will not split as soon and it will feel moisturized. I’m positive about the color protecting part. My hair color hasn’t faded since I started using this product.

All together I can say that I really like this conditioner. It’s perfect for colored hair, but also for non-colored hair. If you just need some extra moisture for your hair, but want the product to be gentle, this is a really great option for you. It’s available at the Yves Rocher website and in their stores for €5,90.

I hope you liked reading this review, and let me know in the comments what your favorite conditioner is!

7 thoughts on “Yves Rocher Protection & Radiance conditioner

  1. Die klinkt ontzettend goed zeg! Fijn dat hij ook siliconen en parabenen vrij is. En toch nog een leuke prijs, netjes 🙂


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