Kiko Daring Game Limited Edition review

As I mentioned in my Germany haul, I have bought two product of the Kiko LE Daring Game collection. Today I’ll be reviewing both of them. The collection is inspired by card games. The packagings look really cute, but what about what’s in it? Keep on reading!

As I mentioned in the little intro, this collection is inspired by card games. That’s pretty obvious since the boxes look like cards. I really like that they did that. First of all because I love card games, and second of all because it just looks really good. I like Kiko’s limited editions. Especially this one since it’s a little different from the usual LE’s.

Let’s start off with the eyeshadow palette. It’s the Queen Of Heart palette. The palette comes in a white box with red detailing. I got the palette in the 01 Essentail Brown color/edition. This was the most appealing one to me because of the really pretty wearable, slightly basic but not boring, shades. The palette contains of four shades, which I’ll show you in a second. The other two palettes from this collection aren’t bad either. One contains of four a little bit darker brown shades (and one gorgeous lid shade) and the other one is a little bit more cooled toned.

Besides the cute box, the palette itself also got some decoration. The palette itself is white and made of plastic. The ends are round, which I don’t like as much as I like the palette. It would have looked better to me if they were pointy, but I get why they did it like they did. On the front you have this gorgeous heart made out of parts of red shapes. I think that this looks so amazingly gorgeous. It’s absolutely stunning.

These are the four gorgeous shadows that are in this palette. They don’t have any kind of a name, so I just call them a number. The top one, number one, is a really pretty warm gold color. I like that it’s pretty warm. It’s not too yellow, but also not kind of green like some not yellow gold shadows are. It’s like a mixture of gold and brown. I love it.

The color underneath the gold, number two, is a pretty shimmery light shade. This could be used as a highlighter, but you could also use this as your lid shade. I like that it does have some shimmers, but not too much.

Next to the gold color, you have a very pretty dark brown, almost rusty color, which I’ll be referring to as number three. It’s again, a really pretty warm shade. I really love warm colors. This is my absolute favorite color of the palette.

Then lastly, we have eyeshadow number four, which is a almost matt brown shade. It’s not completely matt, it does got some shimmers in it, but when you apply it, it could be seen as matt.

All together I think that this palette is an absolute hit. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and they go together really well. This is one of those palettes that you can take with you when you go somewhere, and you don’t need anything else. The nice thing is that it also comes with a little sponge applicator and a big mirror. This way you are good to go!

The Queen Of Hearts palette is available at the Kiko stores and at for €14,90.

But that’s not all, I also got this gorgeous lipstick from the same collection. This is the Ace Of Diamond lipstick. This came in a few colors too, but I decided to go for this color because it was just love at first sight. When I swatched it I knew I couldn’t leave it there. I had to buy it. It’s the most perfect lipstick that has ever been created! I got this in the shade 32 Dainty Orleander Rose.

This is one of those lipsticks that is round and has a nicely cut of end. I really like that shape, I think it looks really classy, just like the gold packaging. Besides a pretty packaging, the color is gorgeous too. It’s a really pretty pink with a hint of a coral colored peach, if you get what I mean. I hope the picture clearifies that describtion a bit. The lipstick doesn’t feel super moisturzing, but also not really dry. It’s a nice combination. I like that doesn’t feel too moisturizing, ’cause I feel like super moisturizing lipsticks never have the best pigmentation.

The Ace Of Diamond lipstick costs €7,90 and is available at the Kiko stores and on

Ace of Diamond lipstick – shade 2 – shade 1 – shade 3 – shade 4.

Here you have some swatches. The lipstick is really pigmented as you can see. I love that the color is so pigmented and pretty. I really, really love it! As for the eyeshadows,  I’m happy too. The pigmentation is great, especially the dark brown. That didn’t came off my arm too easy!

Over all I think the Kiko Daring Game collection is a big hit! I love both products I got, and the products I didn’t got look absolutely amazing too. I would really recommend all of you these products. They are quite affordable and totally worth the money!

I hope you liked reading this (quite long) review. Let me know what you think about this LE and which product of this collection you would buy!

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