Yves Rocher Purifying Shampoo

My hair has always been difficult. At some point in my life it was absolutely out of control. It got greasy so quickly. Now, part of that is genetics, but the other part is the products that you use. After trying out a bunch of different shampoo’s I found out what does and what doesn’t work for my hair. At the Yves Rocher webshop I saw this shampoo that completely fit the picture. If you want to know wether it works or not, keep on reading!

The shampoo comes in a medium sized green bottle. It looks very natural to me. Natural as in it looks like it’s made of natural ingrediënts. The lid has, just like all the other Yves Rocher products, the little Yves Rocher logo pressed in it.

On the front of the bottle it says that it’s a Purifying Shampoo without silicones and parabens, and that it’s for oily hair. The bottle contains 300 ml and smells like nettle.

The most important part for me is that it’s silicone free. I found out a while ago that the thing that makes my hair greasy are silicones. Therefore I will never be using another shampoo with silicones.

On the back of the bottle it says two things:

“Longlasting clean hair from the root to the ends, thanks to the sebum regulating function of the biologically grown nettle. Apply the shampoo to damp hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly after washing it.”


“This shampoo is silcone free to care for your hair fibre without making it feel heavy. It contains more than 99% natural ingrediënts and has a botanical cleansing base. It has an easily biodegradable formula. The bottle is completely recyclable. Remember to sort your rubbish.”

With this they basically want to really let you know that they use biological ingrediënts in their products. I’m happy about that, and I’m happy to know what the packaging is recyclable too. It’s a good thing.

When it comes to the product itself, I’m verry positive. This shampoo really works. My hair will be oil free, not only for a part of the day, no, it will be oil free throughout the entire day! I’m so happy I found a shampoo that really works and uses biological ingrediënts at the same time. Besides it being oil free, this shampoo will leav my hair nice and shiny, which most shampoo’s for oily hair don’t do.

All together I’m really positive about this shampoo and I will definitely recommend it to everyone out there that struggles with oily hair! This shampoo is available at the Yves Rocher stores and site for only €5,90. Let me know what your favorite shampoo is!


4 thoughts on “Yves Rocher Purifying Shampoo

  1. Hmmm.. dat lijkt me een fijne shampoo. Mijn moeder gebruikt ook altijd shampoo van Yves Rocher. Wel een andere lijn, maar die is ook erg fijn.


  2. Die lijkt me heel fijn, wil hem zelf nu wel graag uitproberen ook. Fijn dat de verpakking recyclebaar is en dat er geen troep en siliconen in de shampoo zit, én een goede langdurige werking heeft. Vind de prijs dan ook alles meevallen voor zo’n “groene” shampoo!


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