Herome W.I.C. Nailpolish

Lately I’ve been rediscovering old favorites again. One of them is the Herome W.I.C. nailpolish in the color Las Vegas. I was a huge fan of this nailpolish collection a while ago, but I totally forgot about it. When I decided to put it on, I was absolutely stunned by how amazing this nailpolish actually is. I was so amazed that I decided to write about it. If you’re interested in this amazing nailpolish, keep on reading!

The nailpolish comes in a slim long bottle. On the lid it says which color you’re dealing with. This nailpolish is in the color Las Vegas. All of the nailpolishes from this collection are named after a city, since it’s from the W.I.C. (World Inspired Colors) collection.

On top of the lid it has the Herome logo printed on it. I always like it when brands to that. I think it looks classy for some weird reason.

This is the polish on my nails. It’s the most gorgeous red color with a pink under tone. It’s creamy and it doesn’t contain any form of glitter at all. The nailpolish is very well covering. After one layer of polish it already looked decent and I couldn’t see my nails through it. Even though it did look decent with only one coat, I applied two coats because I think that makes the color pop even more.

The color is so super intense. It applies very easily because of the thick brush. I didn’t face any difficulties applying it whatsoever. It went really great. I think that even people that aren’t good at applying nailpolish will be able to apply this polish neatly.

I’m so excited about this nailpolish and I have no idea how it is possible that I had forgotten about it. I think that these polishes are one of the best you can find out there. I prefer this one over my OPI polishes for sure!

The Herome W.I.C. nailpolishes are available at beauty stores for €5,99 – €6,50 (it depends a little on where you buy it). Let me know if you’ve ever tried a nailpolish from this collection and what you think about it!

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