Ikea Christmas collection scented candles

The thing I like most about fall and winter time is that I can burn my scented candles again without turning my room into a sauna. I really love the Ikea candles, and while I was looking for some new ones (which took seriously more than half an hour) I found two delicious smelling candles from their Christmas collection. Even though it’s not a beauty product, I decided to write a review about it. If you’re interested in these candles, keep on reading!

In the Christmas collection from Ikea are two scented candles. The candle collection is called Vintermys. I have no clue that that might mean, but that’s mostly the case at Ikea. The candles themselves don’t have any kind of name of label saying what it smells like, that’s something you should figure out yourself I guess. Exciting haha.

The red one smells like berries, which you might have guessed after seeing the picture on the lid. It’s a really  nice warm berry smell. It’s not too fruity and not super sweet. Just the right amount of sweetness. The smell of the white candle is pretty difficult to describe. I don’t really know for sure what it smells like, since they keep that a secret, but it’s a really nice fresh  cookie scent. It’s not like a normal cookie, more like a ginger cookie. It’s really special.

The candles come in small little jars. The glass is matt, which gives it a nice touch. The jars are quite plain, but they also got something for that. In their collection they also have a golden candle holder with little star shaped cut-outs. I didn’t get those, but that is an option if you want it to look even more festive.

The lid of the candles is made of plastic and is secured with tape. It’s not the kind of lid you put back on it. It’s just on there to give you a hint of what the candle could smell like.

According to Ikea these candles will burn for 25 hours. I haven’t finished burning them yet, so I can’t tell you wether that’s true or not. What I do know is that they look really cute together. I have placed them on a little shelve above my bed that I’ve already decorated with some Christmassy decorations.

When it comes to the smell I would give these candles a 7 out of 10. The scent isn’t really strong, but it’s not like it doesn’t make your room smell good at all. I think that it’s just the right amount of scent.

These candles are obviously available at Ikea for only €0,99 each, which is insanely cheap. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let me know what your favorite candles are!


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