P2 Mattifying Perfection concealer

In my Germany haul I showed you guys I got this P2 concealer. I’m a huge fan of P2, and it was very affordable so I wanted to give it a try. I was hoping it to be a good replacement for my Collection concealer, on which I did a review yesterday. If you’re interested in knowing if this really is a good replacement, keep on reading!

The concealer comes in this really classy tube. It’s made from plastic I suppose, but it kind of looks like glass and the lid is silver. I think that this concealer looks really chique. By just looking at the packaging, you can’t tell it’s such an affordable product.

How much product is in the tube is a mistery, they won’t tell, but by just looking at it I would say it’s just a decent amount of product.

I got this concealer in the lightest shade I could find, which is called 15 Perfect Nude. It’s pretty light, light enough for my super pale skin.

On the back it says some things about this concealer. P2 says that this concealer is delicate, matte and long-lasting. They say it perfectly conceals flaws, leaving the skin with a silky, matte finish.

The applicator looks quite similar to the applicator of a lipgloss. I like these types of applicator for concealer. It maybe isn’t the most hygienic way to apply it, but I think it’s the easiest way. When you pull the little wand out, there is a decent amount of product on the applicator. Just the right amount for me.

When it comes to the texture I would say it’s quite thin. It’s a little bit thinner than the Collection concealer, but that’s fine. It blends into the skin really nicely and cover quite well.

I would say that this concealer has medium coverage. If I have die-hard undereye circles, this product won’t be enough to cover it, but when I just have normal undereye circles, it’s just fine. When it comes to the mattifying part, I would say that’s true. It’s not shiny at all and it doesn’t feel oily. It’s not what makes this concealer special, but it’s a nice extra.

Over all I think that this product is great. The color is light enough, the coverage is fine and it looks pretty good. I can say that I found quite a good replacement for my Collection concealer. The P2 Mattifying Perfection concealer is available at the DM drogerie for only €2,45.

I hope you liked reading this review and let me know what your favorite concealer is!

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