P2 Forever Intense Eyeshadow Cream

Cream eyeshadow has really been a savior for me. I’ve always struggled with my eyeshadow not being intense enough, but cream shadow changed that. I’ve used lots of different ones, and for the past year I’ve been really enjoying the P2 Forever Intense Eyeshadow Cream. If you’re interested in this product, keep on reading!

The cream shadows come in about 6 different shades. I got two of them. They come in glass jars with a shiny lid that represents the color of the cream shadow. I like the look of them. They look pretty chique to me.

The first one is called 040 Just Me. It’s a really pretty gold color. It’s quite basic, but it’s really pretty. It’s not a really yellowish gold, it’s more like a settle champagne gold color. It’s perfect. It’s quite light, so if you’re not that into dark looks, this product will still work for you because it won’t darken up anything. It will only intensify your eyeshadow.

The shadow of course got some shimmer in it. I’m not a hundred percent sure about this one, but I think that all of them have some sort of shimmer in them. I think the shimmer makes it even better, but if you’re more into the mattes, you might want to skip this one.

The second one is called 020 Just as you are. This one is my favorite. I’ve been using this one for a very long time now, I’ve almost finished one entire jar. This is a really pretty rosegold color. I love the look of it. It’s very rich and shimmery, and it goes well with every single eyeshadow you put on top of it. It’s perfection.

This one is a lot more shimmery than the previous one, but since I don’t mind a bit of shimmer, I love this one slightly more. This color is slightly darker, so it intensifies my eyeshadow even more than the gold color. I’m not saying the other one isn’t amazing. It’s just about what you want and like.

Just as you are – just me.

Both colors look really good to me. They are very intense and apply super easy. They are really creamy, but they won’t crease. I like that they’re not as sticky as the Maybelline Color Tattoos, but they do stay in place the entire day. It even stays on pretty great after cycling through the rain. That’s a really big plus.

These cream shadows are in my opinion just the best ones out there. They are creamy, they won’t crease, the colors are pretty and they intensify your eyeshadows really well. I’m absolutely loving these. The P2 Forever Intense Eyeshadow Cream is available at the DM Drogerie for only 2,95.

I hope you enjoyed reading todays article, and let me know what your favorite cream eyeshadow is!

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