Balea White Passion Limited Edition showergel

In my Germany haul I showed you guys that I got this Balea showergel. Balea is one of those brands from which you just need to buy at least one product when you go to the DM. It’s super affordable and everyone is so positive about it. I decided to buy this White Passion showergel. If you’re interested in knowing more about it, keep on reading!

The showergel comes in a long white tube with a purple wrapper around it.It’s really basic. On this wrapper it says that it’s limited edition. I only realized that while I was selecting the pictures for my blog.

The product comes out through this whole on top. It’s just the most simple packaging ever, but it works really well.

The showergel is in the White Passion scent. It says that it smells like white flowers and acai berries. I just want to be honest with you guys and confess that I have no idea what an acai berry exactly is and what it smells like, since I’ve never smelled one before. But I know what berries smell like, it can’t be that different.

The showergel smells really soft and warm. It’s a really nice warm scent that really makes me want to go to bed and cuddle in my super soft pyjama pants. It’s the best scent ever for fall and winter time. It’s basically perfection.

The two best things about this product are the price and the way it moisturizes my skin. After using this product my skin will seriously feel like I’ve just put some bodylotion on, while it’s actually showergel. It’s quite special for a showergel to be that moisturizing.

Over all I could say that this Balea showergel is one of the best I’ve ever tried. It’s everything you need and more. I highly recommend getting a few of these. This showergel costs only €0,55, which is insane. I’m a huge fan of Balea now. I wish they would sell it here in the Netherlands too!

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review, and let me know what you think of Balea.

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