The Body Shop Almond Bodybutter

I really adore the TBS bodybutters, and I have got quite a lot of them already, but there is always space for a new one. A little while ago I had a 5 euro voucher from TBS for my birthday, and after hours of thinking I decided that this Almond bodybutter was the one for me. I always thought it was a horrible nasty scent, but when I gave it a shot, I actually fell in love with the scent. Love can be so weird.

This is it. The TBS Bodybutter in Almond. It still has the old packaging. I guess that is because it was a special edition scent from a while ago. I don’t mind the old packaging. I still really like it. It’s just pretty and perfect. This bodybutter contains 200 ml of love and is for the normal to dry skin.

The product itself is cream colored. It’s not too hard and not too soft. It’s the same texture as room temperature butter. That’s my favorite bodybutter texture. I like it so much because it makes it really easy to apply and it blends really easily into the skin.

But now, the most important part, the scent. This bodybutter smells so super amazing. It’s really perfection. I feel guilty for thinking that it wasn’t a nice scent, ’cause it’s really one of the best. I like that the scent is nutty but also really soft and creamy. It’s just the perfect blend of everything you want. It’s perfect for the winter time because the smell is so warm and cozy. I love this stuff!

I think it’s clear that I love this bodybutter. This one might beat the Shea bodybutter which has been my number one for years. I really recommend this bodybutter to everyone that loves warm and cozy scents with a hint of almond.

The The Body Shop Almond Bodybutter is available at their stores and online for €16,- but it’s on sale now for €8,-. It’s a special edition so I’m not sure for how long it will still be there!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and let me know which bodybutter is your fave!

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