Kiko Nailpolish & Eyeshadow

One thing I love about Kiko is that they have products in all different price ranges. You can buy super budget proof products of high quality and medium prices products. Today I’ll be reviewing two products from their budget proof products. An eyeshadow and a nailpolish. If you’re interested in knowing how great they really are, keep on reading!

The first product I’ll be reviewing is the Kiko Eyeshadow in the shade 127. It comes in a black box with an opening on the front through which you can see the little eyeshadow box. The eyeshadow comes in a plastic packaging which is black on the bottom and white on top.

The color is very basic. It’s a creamy white shade. I think it’s one of those colors that you just need to have in your collection. Just like you always need to have a basic black or white cami in your wardrobe. It’s a really pretty color for highlighting your brow bone and your inner corners, but it’s also a nice color to use on your eyelids when you want to create a really soft matte look.

I am sorry, but I don’t have swatches from this color. It was just impossible since the color is so close to my skintone, it just did not show up at all. You wouldn’t be able to see it any way. But I can tell you that the color is quite pigmented. I really love it for highlighting. It’s the perfect matte cream highlighter!

Next up is this gorgeous gold shimmery nailpolish. It’s in the color 303. It’s a really shimmery and festive color. Perfect for the holiday season in my opinion. I love it!

The quality of the Kiko nailpolishes is just amazing. The brush is perfect and they have the perfect amount of coverage. You only need two coats of it. It stays on your nails for about 4 days. It depends a bit on how strong your nails are and what you do with your nails.

This is what the polish looks like on my nails. It really pretty and shimmery, but it doesn’t contain chuncky glitters which makes me really happy. Because it doesn’t have chuncky glitters, removing this nailpolish is no problem at all. It’s just like any other normal creamy nailpolish.

Over all I really like these two products. They both are only €2,90 which is not expensive at all, and the quality is just really amazing. I love both of them!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and let me know which Kiko products are your fave!

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