P2 Ultra Matt 24Hours Foundation

Finding the perfect foundation is something we all struggle with. It’s always a bit too dark or a bit too light, or the texture just doesn’t feel good. It might break you out. It’s never just right. Therefore I always try out different foundations, and hopefully one day I’ll end up with the perfect one. Would this P2 foundation be the one? Keep on reading!

The foundation comes in a matte glass bottle with a silver pump. I like the look of it. It looks quite luxe and it’s always nice when foundations come with a little pump. It’s just the most hygienic and easiest way to get the product out of the bottle.

The bottle says a few things, that I don’t really understand. According to google translate it says “24 hours hold, perfect coverage, smudge and water proof.”

“24 hours hold
perfect coverage
smudge and water proof.”

Smudge and waterproof, that’s interesting. I’ve never tried a waterproof foundation. I do have to confess that I just now discovered it’s actually waterproof. It does explain a lot, haha!

This foundation comes in four different shades. The lightest shade is not very ligt, but it’s decent, and the darkest shade is like a caramel color. It’s not super dark, not at all actually, but it’s darker than most dark drugstore foundation. I got the foundation in the lightest shade, since my skin is really pale. As I mentioned before, it’s not super light. It does fit my skin, but I do have to be careful.

The foundation is quite thick. I actually, surprisingly, kind of like that. I usually rather use foundations that have a medium thickness if you get what I mean. But this texture doesn’t bother me at all. I like it because it covers very well, and it really feels like it will stay. For some reason this product makes my skin feel really soft and silky, almost like I actually have good skin.

I know that it looks like this isn’t the right color at all, but trust me it is. If you blend it into your skin very well and blend it into your neck area really nicely, it’s acceptable. 

The foundation dries quite matte, but not too matte. It doesn’t look like you aren’t from planet earth because of your unnatural matte skin. You just look healthy. I do think that this foundation needs its time to become pretty. After a few minutes, it looks even better than when you just applied it.

About the waterproof and 24 part, it’s true. Yes, it really is. I was surprised too actually. I noticed that after I took a shower and removed the last bits and pieces of makeup from my skin with my Bioderma, there was some foundation on the cotton pad. It really confused me, because no foundation ever stays on underneath the shower, but this one is truely an exception.

Over all I think this foundation is absolutely amazing. It is super affordable, waterproof (!) and it does really stay on. It’s available at the DM Drogerie for only €4,95.

What is your favorite foundation at the moment?



4 thoughts on “P2 Ultra Matt 24Hours Foundation

  1. Ziet er uit als een zeer fijne foundation. Ik moest wel lachen om je zinnetje: It doesn’t look like you aren’t from planet earth because of your unnatural matte skin.


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