Alverde Powder Blush

Every time I go shopping in Germany I take a moment to look at all the Alverde products, but I never buy one. This time, I broke than ritual. I actually bought on of the products I was always looking at. It’s the Powder Blush. It looked just really appealing to me. Like this could be the perfect fall and winter blush color. If you want to find out wether it’s really the perfect fall/winter color or not, keep on reading!

The blush comes in this pretty green box. The green represents that this brand makes natural cosmetics. I like that the green looks really good with the blush color, and that it’s different than usual. The green makes the packaging stand out in my collection.

The blush comes in three different shades, an apricot shade, a pink shade and this one, which is a bit of a berry color. This color is called 07 Flamingo. I have no clue why, ’cause this color is not similar at all to the color of flamingo’s, but it’s fine. It’s all fine. At least they give their products names right.

I love that the blush has this cute little detail on it, the leave shapes. It makes it look even more natural to me.

The blush is in a very pretty dark pink/red color. I would describe it as a berry color. To me, it’s the perfect fall/winter color. I love these darker blushes when it gets colder.

The blush is quite pigmented. I didn’t expect that to be honest. It’s nice that it is, but that means that you do have to be careful with it. You do not want to over apply this blush.

Over all, I think this blush is amazing. The quality is great, it’s natural and it’s affordable. The color is absolutely perfect for this time of year. It actually is my go to blush at the moment!

The Alverde Powder Blush is available at DM for €2,95. Let me know what your favorite blush (colors) are for the fall/winter time!

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