November favorites

For todays article I’ve collected my favorite beauty products from this entire month. Previous month I haven’t posted a favorites article because I felt like I didn’t have enough to show you guys, but this month is different. I’ve tested a lot of products and I’ve rediscovered some. If you’re interested in knowing which products I’m talking about, keep on reading!

I want to start off with the very best nail polishes I’ve ever tried. The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish. These polishes give you the same effect as gel nail polish does, but you don’t need an UV light for it. I’ve got three colors. The pink color is called Shock Wave, the lighter pink is called Pinky Promise and the blue one is called Sugar Fix. I’ve been wearing these polishes like crazy throughout the entire month. I love them!

Next up are two more nail polishes. I bought these about 3 years ago, and I’m still in love with them. I forgot about them for a long time, but when I decided to put one of them on again I fell in love. The quality is so amazing! And they aren’t even that expensive. The red color is called Las Vegas and the pink one is called Rome. I really recommend these polishes to everyone. They come in a lot of different colors and the quality is just amazing.

Another new favorite of mine is the P2 Ultra Matte 24Hours Make up. I didn’t know it when I bought it, but this foundation is waterproof! It really is. It’s so impressive to me that a foundation can be waterproof. Besides it being waterproof, it’s just a great foundation. It makes my skin look a thousand times better.

The Alverde blush became a favorite of mine too. It’s a very pretty darker blush color, which I’ve been really into lately. It’s the perfect fall and winter blush. It’s perfection.

And of course, the Kiko Daring Game collection products became favorites of mine. I knew it when I bought it, and I still haven’t changed my mind about these products. The eyeshadows are so pigmented. They are even better than the regular Kiko eyeshadows. Even after a long day, your eyeshadows will still look like you’ve just put them on. It’s that amazing!

The lipstick is great too. It’s wearable, but not boring. It’s the perfect lipstick for everyday wear. I love it!

Next up is the most amazing product I’ve ever owned. It’s the The Body Shop Almond Bodybutter. I used to think that it smelled bad, but oh my lord. How could I. How did I dare to say that out loud. This bodybutter smells like a dream. It’s the best smelling product I’ve ever smelled. I would really recommend getting it. It’s a little expensive, but trust me, you won’t regret it.

the Balea showergel has really surprised me. It costed me less than a euro, and it’s one of the best basic showergels ever. It makes my skin very soft and it smells really good. It’s amazing!

The next favorite is the The Body Shop handcream in Pink Grapefruit. I normally don’t really like handcreams because I feel like they just don’t work for me, but this baby changed my mind completely. This product makes your hands so super soft. It’s amazing. I really want to get another one of these (in a different scent of course).

The last favorite might be the best. It’s the Catrice Ultimate Stay lipstick. A review about it will be up in about two weeks, so stay tuned for that. This lipstick is the best budget proof lipstick I’ve ever used. It stays. It literally stays all day long. After a few hours it will still be there. Even when you have eaten something. It’s amazing.

That was everything for this month. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and let me know what your favorites of the month are!

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