The Body Shop Lip Butters

One of The Body Shop’s most popular products are their bodybutters. I love them a lot too. But besides bodybutters, TBS also has some lipbutters in their collection. Today I’ll be reviewing two of their lipbutters. Keep on reading!

The two I have are the Shea lipbutter and the Pink Grapefuit lipbutter. Both of them come in a little plastic jar which looks like a really tiny version of the bodybutter. The jar contains 10 ml of lipbutter. The shape of the little jar is not super practical because it’s quite high, it does take quite some space in your bag, compared to lipbalms and butters that come in flat jars.

I’m sorry, but I did already use the Shea lipbutter before I realized I still had to take pictures of it. I hope that doesn’t bother you too much. The consistency of this lipbutter is cream colored and quite hard. Especially the first few times you use it, it does take quite a bit of effort to get something out. After using it a few times, the consistency gets a little softer, which makes it easier to get the product out. It’s not a big shocker, since we’re dealing with a lipbutter here, not a balm, but it’s something I think you need to be aware of.

This is obviously the Shea scent, but in my opinion, it smells quite different than all the other Shea products from TBS. It’s a little more nutty. It’s still a nice smell, but it’s different.

The Pink Grapefuit version is obviously pink, which is really pretty. Again, the consistency is quite hard, but it will get softer after using it a few times. This one smells a bit more fruity. It’s a difficult scent to describe. If you find yourself in the Body Shop someday, I suggest you just take a little sniff of it. It smells really good. It’s not too sweet, but it does have some sweetness in it.

What I like about these lipbutters is that they don’t leave a white layer on your lips. The Nivea lipbutter does kind of leave your lips looking oddly white. I was scared these would too, especially the Shea version, but luckily they don’t.

I really love that these lipbutters are so super moisturizing. I really need that during the colder months. My lips get so dry, I just need something more than just a lipbalm. I think these are perfect for that. They feel pretty good on the lips, they smell nice and they are so moisturizing.

I’m very impressed by these The Body Shop lipbutters. It’s the perfect lipproduct for the colder months. I really recommend this to anyone struggling with chapped lips. They are available at The Body Shops stores and their webshop for €5,- each.

I really hope you liked reading this post, and let me know what your favorite lipbalm is for the colder months!

8 thoughts on “The Body Shop Lip Butters

  1. Ik heb één van deze lip butters in mijn voorraad kast staan. Op het moment dat de rest op is, mag ik deze gaan gebruiken. Ik kan eigenlijk niet wachten als ik jouw positieve reactie hier lees 🙂


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