NYC In A Minute Nailpolish

Lately I’ve been pretty obsessed with nailpolish. I love painting my nails in different colors every single week. Therefore I really enjoy trying out new colors. Today I’ll be reviewing on of NYC’s In A Minute Nailpolish. It’s not the most wintery color, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t pretty, right?! Keep on reading!

The nailpolish comes in a really basic, but still quite pretty bottle. On the lid it says “NEW YORK COLOR”, which looks really luxe in my opinion.

This nailpolish is in the color 300 Spring Tulip. It’s a really pretty bright pink shade. It’s not fall/winter appropriate at all, but it’s still a really pretty color. It’s very vibrant and out there color. I love those kind of colors a lot!

The polish has great coverage. Within two coats my nails were perfectly polished. The brush is not too wide, but also not small. I personally prefer quite wide brushes, but this did the job fine as well. It was not specifically hard or anything like that.

With the “In a minute” statement they claim that this is a quick drying nailpolish. I’m not sure wether it’s the topcoat or this nailpolish, but it didn’t dry quickly at all. If you bump into something pretty hard, even after 2 days, it will still leave a bump in the polish. That’s quite strange to me.

Over all I think that the nailpolish is just decent, and the color is super pretty, but the way it dries is just odd. On this picture you can clearly see the weird bumps and stuff. Again, I’m not completely sure it’s the nailpolish that causes that, but it is a little strange.

This nailpolish is available at the drugstore for €2,49.

I hope you liked this article, and let me know what you think of this nailpolish!

12 thoughts on “NYC In A Minute Nailpolish

  1. Heel mooi kleurtje! En dat vreemd opdrogen, dat heb ik ook met een paar NYC lakjes uit dezelfde lijn dus ik denk dat het aan NYC zelf ligt.


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