December wishlist

It’s wishlist time again! Today I’ll show you guys my December wishlist. It was quite hard to find enought things this time, but I did it. It’s not as full as previous time, but there are lots of beautiful items on it. Keep on reading to find out whats on my wishlist.

This is the beauty part of my wishlist. Most products are pretty expensive. The most expensive, but most beautiful product on here is the Bobbi Brown Surf van Sand palette. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I haven’t seen anything as beautiful as this before. I wish it wasn’t as incredibly espensive as it is so I could buy it!

The nail polish by OPI is just really pretty. I really love OPI nail polishes and I wouldn’t mind adding one more to my collection. I also really want a MAC lipstick. I don’t have any because I used to not like lipsticks a lot, but now I like them I really want one. I really like this color. It’s special.

The Atlas Mountain Rose by TBS has been on my list ever since I used the sample of it. This stuff smells like heaven! The Maybelline blush is pretty new to me. I saw it on a webshop and it looked good to me. I haven’t heared about this blush before, I guess it’s new.

1. Bobbi Brown Surf and Sand palette €75,-
2. OPI Nail Lacquer in Red Lights Ahead… Where? €14,25
3. MAC Lipstick in Craving €19,-
4. Maybelline Jelly Glow Blush in Fresh Pink €4,99
5. The Body Shop Body butter in Atlas Mountain Rose €18,-

This part is full of items from the H&M webshop. They have a lot of cute stuff at the moment. Everytime I go to H&M I leave with at least one new item.

The first two items are two really pretty sweaters. I love sweaters a lot, especially oversized ones. The Christmas sweater is just adorable!

The pillow saying “Rudotph is coming to town” is just way too adorable. I do think that 7,99 is slightly expensive for only a pillow case, but it’s just so cute!

The last two products are these really pretty and cute blushes. They both look super pretty and the colors are great too. I really want them, but everytime I go to the store they are sold out.

1. Cable Knit Sweater €19,99
2. Christmas sweater €29,99
3. Pillowcase €7,99
4. Blush €4,99
5. Blush €3,99

I hope you enjoyed this wishlist, and let me know what’s on your wishlist this month!

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