Yves Rocher Christmas

A while ago I received a folder from Yves Rocher with all of their Christmas products. I was so excited about it that I ended up ordering some products from the collection. If you’re interested in reading more about them, keep on reading!

The first three products are their limited edition Christmas showergels. I love Christmas, I love cute packagings, so there was no doubt at all, I needed to order them. All three of them come in a long and slim tube, with a very luxurious looking labe with gold detailing. I really like the look of it.

The first showergel is in the scent Red Berries. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it turned out to be a very nice smelling product. The smell kind of reminds me of raspberry lemonade. I don’t particularly like that scent, but in the showergel form it smells amazing. I really like the look of the packaging. It looks so pretty and Christmassy.

The next showergel is in the Blackberry scent. I like this packaging a lot too. The gold detailing gives it this luxurious touch which I like a lot.

This products smells quite sweet, but not as sweet as the Red Berries scent. It is a nice scent, but in my opinion, it’s not particularly Christmassy. That it’s not really Christmassy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. This makes the product perfect to use throughout the entire year.

The last one of the three showergels is in the scent Cacao & Orange. It is quite a daring combination is you ask me. Cacao can either smell really good, or not good at all. In my opinion there is not really something in between. I think it’s not that bad. It’s quite good actually. It’s not my fave because I wish there would be a little more orange in it. I really like it. This is a lot more Christmassy than the previous two.

The quality of the showergels is great. It does what it has to do. It cleanses your skin and makes you smell good. It’s not special. It’s not “wow”, but it’s a nice product. It would be a really nice Christmas gift.

The next product is a lipbalm in the Red Berries scent. Opening it was pretty weird. The entire thing was covered in the red foil, and I had to take the top part off, but leave the bottom part. It didn’t really end up looking pretty, but that’s fine.

The lipbalm is really small and tiny, it’s a great size for a lipbalm that you want to take with you. It doesn’t take in any space at all.

The lipbalm is red and smells like the showergel. The packaging contains 4 grams of lipbalm, which doesn’t really sound like a lot to me, but it is. To be honest, I’ve never ever finsihes a lipbalm, so I don’t really bother caring about the amount of product that’s in there, but I though it might be a nice detail to share for the people that are capable of finishing lipbalms.

I didn’t expect it to be, but this lipbalm is tinted. It gives your lips a really nice red glossy shine. It’s quite pigmented actaully, it’s better than the Rimmel Keep Calm And.. lipbalms. I really like that!

Over all I’m really happy with all these products. The showergels aren’t shockingly amazing, but the quality is great. I especially like the look of it. All products were only €1,95 which is super affordable. I think these showergels would make a perfect Christmas gift!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and let me know which scent you like the most!


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