EOS Lipbalm vs. Balmi Lipbalm

EOS lipbalms are one of the most popular and cute looking lipbalms out there. Because they are so popular, there are lots of brands that make dupes of it. One of those brands in Balmi. In todays article I’m going to compare both brands. If you’re interested in seeing which one is better, keep on reading!

The most important feature of the EOS lipbalms is obviously the shape. It looks like a little pink egg, which is just really cute. Both lipbalms are in the Strawberry scent. The Balmi lipbalm is a lot lighter than the EOS one. The EOS lipbalm is also slightly bigger than the Balmi one. The Balmi balm is more round shaped,while the EOS lipbalm is egg shaped.

The shape of the EOS lipbalm is obviously different than the Balmi one. That’s not because it’s just a different shape, it’s because I’ve used the Balmi one a lot more often because I got it a lot earlier than the EOS one. When it was new, the shape of the balm was identical.

The scent is the only thing that really makes a different. While the Balmi Lipbalm is super sweet scented and quite strong, the EOS lipbalm has a more settle scent and is a lot less sweet. I personally like the scent of the Balmi lipbalm better.

When it comes to moisturizing your lips, I have to say they are quite identical. They both moisturize your lips really well. The way they moisturize your lips is actually different. The EOS lipbalm is less soft than the Balmi one. It’s less creamy.

Over all I think the lipbalms are quite identical. I would recommend the Balmi one is you like really like sweet scents. If you prefer a not too strong scent, you should go for EOS. Personally, I have to say I slightly prefer the Balmi lipbalm. This could be just because it reminds me of my trip to London (I used it a lot while I was there) but also because it’s just a lot more creamy.

The EOS lipbalm is available online for €5,25 and the Balmi Lipbalm is available at Douglas (or at Boots, but it’s cheaper at Douglas) for €4,95.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and let me know which one you would prefer!

2 thoughts on “EOS Lipbalm vs. Balmi Lipbalm

  1. Hihi leuk zo een vergelijking!
    Ik heb zowel eos als balmi thuis liggen en merk ook vrij weinig verschil.
    De geuren van eos vind ik over het algemeen wel fijner 🙂


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