Recipe: Malteser cake

A while ago my boyfriend and I were together for two years. To celebrate that we decided to make this malteser cake. I’ve seen it on multiple websites, so I didn’t come up with the recipe myself, but I thought it would be fun to show you guys how our version turned out. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

What you need:

– 100 g maltesers
– 100 g milkchocolate
– 100 g pure chocolate
– 100 g butter
– 3 tablespoons maple syrup (we couldn’t find that so we used regular syrup)
– 100 -120 g biscuits

Step 1. Put the butter, chocolate and syrup in a pan and heat it until it’s fully melted. Because chocolate burns quite quickly, make sure you keep stirring it the entire time.

Step 2. Put the biscuits in a bowl and crumble them until it looks like this. You can make the pieces slightly smaller or bigger. That’s totally up to you.

Step 3. Put the chocolate mixture in the same bowl as the cookies and mix it together. Make sure that every cookie is covered in chocolate. After you’ve done that, add the maltesers.

Step 4. Put the entire mixture in a baking tin of your choice. We chose this heart shaped one from Ikea. The oringinal recipe said you have to put foil in the baking tin so it would be easier to get it out. I wouldn’t recommend that it you use a similar baking tin as we did because this way the cake will have marks in it which doens’t look pretty.

Step 5. Put it in the fridge until it’s completely hardened. This takes about an hour. After that you’re cake is ready to be served.

To finish it off you can put some maltesers and whipped cream on top.

I really like how the cake turned out. It was extremely delicous, but very filling. I really like how easy it was to create this. It perfect for chocolate lovers!

I hope you liked this recipe and let me know if you are going to recreate it!


5 thoughts on “Recipe: Malteser cake

  1. Oeh yum, dit is zó lekker, maar ook zó ongezond, haha! Het lijkt een klein beetje op arretjescake, ook onwijs lekker. Leuk receptje, wie weet dat ik het weleens uit ga proberen!


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