E.L.F. Haul

Today I have an E.L.F. haul for you guys. The last time I ordered something from E.L.F. was about a year ago, so it was right about time to order some new products. Because E.L.F. is so affordable, it’s so easy to loose control and go crazy, which is pretty much what happened. If you’re interested in seeing what I bought, keep on reading!

First of all, I ordered three lipsticks from their one Euro line. I really loved the colors, and for only a Euro it’s worth the try. I bought the lipstick in the shades Sociable, Seductive and Flirtatious. I love all three of them, but Sociable and Flirtatious are my faves.

These lipsticks cost €1,00 each.

Then I got the baked highlighter from their studio line. It’s in the color Moonlight Pearl. I expected this to be way bigger than it really is, but more about that in the review that will be coming up about it soon. The highlighter costs €4,00.

I also got this really pretty rose gold blush. It’s in the color Glow which is basically the most perfect blush color you’ll ever find. It’s a really pretty rosy shade with golden shimmer. Just how I like ’em. This blush way only €2,50.

Next up are these eyelid primers. I have used them before and I really love them. They are only 1 Euro each, and they are better than any other one I tried. I honestly like them better than the UD Primer Potion. I bought the primer in the shades Pearl, Champagne and Sheer. I actually bought the one in Pearl twice, because I just wanted to get enough back ups so I don’t have to worry running out of them anymore.

I also got two of their liquid lipsticks. One in the color Perfect Pink and the other one is in the color Raspberry. These two looked really good to me and were only €1,00 each.

Then I have this tinted lipbalm in the shade Grapefruit. I really love tinted lipbalms, and for only€2,50 it’s a nice addition to my collection.

Then I have this nail polish in the color Garnet. It’s really hard to take a good picture of it on which you can see the shimmer, but I tried my best. It’s a really pretty dark red/purply color with really pretty golden and red shimmers in it. I absolutely love this. This nail polish costs €2,50.

Lastly I have this eyeshadow palette. I wasn’t sure wether or not I should get it, but I ended up just going for it. It’s the Shadow Book in the color Natural. It’s a special edition for Christmas and it contains really pretty natural shades that are perfect for any daily eyeshadow look. This palette was €6,00 which is really affordable for 48 eyeshadows.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did receiving these products. Let me know which items are your faves!

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