Highlighter battle

Today I have a battle for you guys. It’s between three different forms of highlighter. I though it might be a fun idea to show the difference between cream, liquid and powder highlighter. This way you might find out what texture you like the most, and never buy a product you won’t use because of the consistency again! If you’re interested in the battle, keep on reading!

I’m going to start off with a cream highlighter. This is the Soo Glow! cream to powder highlighter by Essence. This one counts as a cream highlighter because it works like a cream product, but it turns into a powder after applying it. So the way of applying it is basically the same as a cream highlighter.

The benefits of cream highlighters are:
– It’s way more pigmented than powder highlighter.
– It’s not as wet as liquid highlighter.
– It doesn’t dry out your skin if you have dry skin.

The disadvantages of cream highlighters are:
– The amount of shimmer can possibly be a little too much.
– You have to blend it in which can make your foundation move.
– It can make you look oily if you have oily skin.

This is the Shimmer Facial Whip by E.L.F. It’s a liquid highlighter in a very pretty pearly white color.

The benefits of liquid highlighters are:
– It gives you a lot of glow.
– You only need a small amount of it, so the tube will last forever.
– You don’t need a brush to apply it.

The disadvantages of liquid highlighters are:
– The blending can make your foundation move.
– If you don’t blend it carefully, you can end up with glittery stripes on your face.
– It takes quite a lot of time to blend it perfectly.

Then we have the P2 Perfect Face all – over illuminator. This highlighter is obviously a powder.

The benefits of powder highlighters are:
– It’s quick and easy to apply.
– You won’t over apply as easily as with cream/liquid highlighters.
– It looks more natural.
– It doesn’t make you look oily.

The disadvantages of powder highlighters are:
– It might dry out your skin if you have dry skin.
– It’s not as intense as cream/liquid highlighters.

For me personally the powder highlighter won this battle. It’s just a lot more easy and quick, and you won’t end up with stripes of glitter on your face. This is of course my personal opinion, you might prefer another form of highlighter.

I hope this article has helped you in a way, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Let me know what your favorite for of highlighter is!

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