Wearable but fun lipcolors

Today I’ll be showing you guys a few lipcolors that are wearable, but not boring. I personally prefer not too bright and outstanding lipproducts, but I do like some colors. Today I’ll be showing my favorites for that. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

These are the first three. The first color is the Kiko lipstick from the Daring Game collection. It’s a very pretty pinky shade. It’s not too bright, but not nude too. This is the perfect lipstick if you do want some color, but you do want to keep it basic.

Then I have the Dior lipstick in Beige Mondaine. It’s not the color I would usually go for, but it is really pretty. I like to apply this one with a light hand. If you do that, you’ll end up having the most beautiful red tinted lips.

The last one from the first three is the L’Oreal lipstick Lovely Rose. This is quite a bright barbie pink color. Even though it’s quite bright, it’s pretty sheer which makes the lipstick very wearable.

Dior – L’Oreal – Kiko.

Next up is the Catrice Ultimate Stay lipstick in Looks Like Coral. This is my favorite at the moment, it’s a pretty pink coral color which stay in place during the entire day. I really like this one.

Another pretty wearable color is this NYC liquid lipstick in the color Central Park Passion. It looks slightly more wearable in the packaging than it is in my opinion, but it’s still really pretty.

The last of the three is this Yves Rocher lipstick in the color Corail Voilé. It’s a slightly darker pink color. This one looks good with basically any look.

Catrice – Yves Rocher – NYC

The last two lipcolors I wanted to show you guys are the Maybelline Babylips. My favorites are Cherry Me from the regular collection and Strike A Rose from the Electro collection. Both colors are quite pigmented, but not as pigmented as a lipstick which makes them really wearable.

Cherry me – Strike A Rose

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and let me know which colors you like the best when you want to wear a wearable but fun lipstick!

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