Recipe: homemade pizza

Today I have another recipe for you guys. It’s not a very special one, but it is a delicious one. My boyfriend and I made our own pizza. If you’re interested in this recipe, keep on reading!

What you need:

– Pizza dough (1.5 roll)
– 1 Paprika
– 150 g of grated cheese
– Tomato sauce
– Salami (we used 7 slices)
– Oregano

Step 1. Start with putting your dough on a baking plate. Use either baking spray or paper underneath the dough to make sure it won’t stick to your plate.

Step 2. Cover the entire thing with your tomato sauce.

Step 3. Then add a lot of cheese. We used the entire bag. If you’re a big cheese lover, you might want to use even more.

Step 4. Add the slices of salami and the paprika. We didn’t put paprika on top because my boyfriend doesn’t like paprika. You can add as much ingrediënts to it as you like. We just stuck to salami and paprika.

Step 5. To finish it off put some oregano on top. It’s the perfect spice for pizza’s!

Step 6. Put your pizza in the oven for about 20 minutes at 225 degrees celcius.

Step 7. Get your pizza out of the oven and enjoy!

I know it’s a very simple recipe, but because it tasted so good I really wanted to share it with you guys!

I really hope you enjoyed this recipe, and let me know what your favorite pizza toppings are!

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