E.L.F. Lipsticks

Today I’ll be reviewing the three E.L.F. lipsticks I showed in my most recent haul. They’re from the one euro collection. I wasn’t sure what to expect since they were so affordable, but I hoped for the best. If you’re interested in finding out wether or not these lipsticks are absolute budget beauties, keep on reading!

The lipsticks come in a greyish slightly shimmery tube. It doesn’t look luxurious, but also not really cheap in my opinion.

The first color is called Seductive. It’s a very pretty nude pink with a bit of a brownish undertone. It’s a pretty lipstick for everyday. It really gives you that “my lips but better” look which I absolutely love.

When it comes to the texture of these lipsticks I’m not too positive. They are quite dry and they kind of accentuate the imperfections on your lips. This could be solved by using a lipbalm underneath, but it is a little minus point.

This color is called Sociable. I think this one is my favorite. I like it because it’s quite bright. It’s far from what I would normally wear, but I like it. I like how this color makes me happy. It’s the perfect color for basically any occasion or season.

The last color is called Flirtatious. It’s a pretty bright pink. On the lips it’s even brighter than it looks in the tube. I really like these kinds of lipsticks. They are fun, but still pretty wearable. I really love how this one looks on the lips.

Flirtatious – Sociable – Seductive.

I have to say I’m pretty impressed by the pigmentation of these lipstick. The color pay off is absolutely amazing. I love how bright and vibrant flirtatious and sociable are. The staying power is impressive as well. Because they are pretty dry, they stay on your lips for about four hours. I think that’s pretty impressive for a lipstick.

Over all I think that these E.L.F. lipsticks are great, especially for the price you pay for them. There are obviously better lipsticks out there, but when you’re looking for a cheap lipstick or if you want to try out a color you’re not sure about these are great.

These lipsticks are available at eyeslipsface.com for only €1,00 each.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and let me know which color is your favorite!


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