The Body Shop Lipgloss & Pearls

Today I’ll be reviewing two The Body Shop products. TBS is one of my favorite stores ever, and I’ve tried lots of products from their brand, but I haven’t tested lots of their make-up. Today I’ll be reviewing the Pearl Bauble and the Frosted Cranberry lipgloss. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

The lipgloss comes in this really cute little tube. The tube contains 12 ml of product, which is a fair amount since you’ll probably never finish it anyway. I like how tiny it is since that makes it the perfect gloss to throw in your bag and take with you anywhere you go.

The red color looks very bright, which could mean that it’s a very pigmented gloss. Still, I wasn’t very sure about that at first, but I might have changed my mind about that.

My least favorite thing about this gloss is that you have to apply it with this angled plastic thingy. I’m not the best lipgloss applier of the year, not even close, so I do have to say it’s quite a struggle for me to put this onto my lips nicely. But when it’s applied, it’s super pretty.

I really like how this lipgloss is not super sticky, but does stay on your lips for quite a long time. It doesn’t survive a meal or a kiss, but it does survive a few hours when you don’t do those things.

The Frosted Cranberry lipgloss is available at the TBS stores and webshop for €7,-

Next up is this beautiful Shimmer Bauble. I’ve always been quite sceptical about these kinds of pearl highlighters/bronzers, but this product completely changed that. I think the packaging is really beautiful. I like the look of the pearls a lot. It looks so super luxurious. I really love that about it.

The best thing about this product is that it gives you the most gorgeous glow you’ve ever seen. I was impressed by my E.L.F. baked highlighter, but this products makes it look like the E.L.F. highlighter is trash. I was so amazed by the look these little pearls gave me. It’s just amazing.

The TBS Shimmer Bauble is available at the TBS stores and webshop for €25,- (this was a limited edition from a year ago, but they have similar ones in their normal collection for €18,50).

As you can see the lipgloss is super pigmented. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw it in the tube, but I for sure didn’t expect it to be this pigmented. It’s amazing

The highlighter is not very visible on the swatch, but in real life it really is. I love how super glowy it is, this instantly makes you look 10 times healthier. The best thing is that this glow will last all day!

Well, all together I could say these products are absolutely amazing. The quality is great and the look of them (especially the highlighter) is just, wow. I would really recommend it to anyone!

Thanks for reading today review, I hope you enjoyed it & let me know what your favorite TBS make-up products are!

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