E.L.F. Luscious Liquid Lipsticks

Today I have another E.L.F. review for you guys. It’s about their luscious liquid lipsticks. They are from their one Euro collection and they looked very good to me. I used to not like lipstick and lipgloss, but lately I’ve been all about it. If you’re interested in finding out if these lipsticks are worth the try, then keep on reading!

The lipstick comes in a see-through plastic packaging. They look quite similar to the Stila lipglossen actually. To get the product out you have to twist the bottom of the thing, and product will come out of the top part. It’s a nice system in my opinion. It works really well and I like how easy it is to apply.

The first time you use this product you have to twist about twelfhundred times. After twisting it for a while the first bits of product will come out of the little holes on top. When that happened you can start applying the product. The next time you only have to twist once in order to get product out. I love how easy it is to get the right amount of product out of the packaging! The wand is also really soft and it has the most perfect shape which makes applying the lipstick super easy.

The first color is called Raspberry. It’s a very pretty darker pink/redish color. It’s a really nice color for this time of year in my opinion. It’s also quite pigmented. This is not one of those products that won’t show up on the lips, you’ll actually see it. I love that about it!

Something else I like about these products is that they are so super long lasting. This literally stays on your lips the entire day, and with that I mean a 14 hour day including lots of talking. It ever survives a kiss or a meal!

The other one I got is in the collor Perfect Pink. It’s the world most beautiful pink shade. I love this color so much! It’s perfect for everyday wear.

I like how these lipsticks are so soft, they don’t feel like a lipstick at all. They’re not drying, they won’t leave marks on everything you touch with your lips. They’re perfect!

And again, I love the pigmentation! It’s incredible. The only little thing I do want to mention that could be negative is that they are insanely sticky. I don’t mind that because it stays, but my boyfriend hates it when I wear these lipcolors. He absolutely hates the stickyness.

Over all I think these luscious liquid lipsticks are a hit. They stay, they are pigmented, they are easy to apply. It’s all I want a lipstick to be. The very best thing about them is that they’re only €1,- each!

I hope you enjoyed this review and let me know in the coment which color is your fave!


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