E.L.F. Natural Eyeshadow Book

Today I have a review for you guys about the E.L.F. Natural Eyeshadow Book. This is a special edition from their Christmas collection, but they have similar ones throughout the entire year. I’ve always wanted to try one, so last time I placed an order on their site I decided to go ahead and buy it. Today I’ll be reviewing it, so if you’re interested, keep on reading!

The palette comes in this really cute packaging. It really looks like a book. Because this one is a special edition, and I don’t have one from the normal collection I’m not a 100% sure if they’re all this cute, but this one certainly is.

The palette is not as big as it looks, it’s about the size of a Too Faced palette (for example the Natural Eye palette). It contains 48 colors, which, in this case, are all natural. They also have a version with bright shades.

I love how warm most shadows are. Even though I’m not completely sure wether I’m a warm or cool person, I love warm toned shades. I especially love the cranberry colors, since they look really good with brown eyes. Overall I think the variety of shades is a plus. There are a few shades that aren’t really in the right palette (the yellowish one), but that’s all right.

This is the first half of the palette. This side contains most of the highlighting shades and a few very pretty purplish brown shades. As I mentioned before, the first row, and especially the yellow one don’t really fit into this palette colorwise, but it’s okay they’re here. It’s not that much of a disaster when a few shadows aren’t used right.

This is the other half of the palette. This side contains a few very pretty crease colors, as well as some gorgeous eyelid shades. I love the gold colors and that deep dark brown in the corner.

Before I show you some of the swatches, I do want to say that honestly I’m not sure which swatches belong to which row. Some of the shades are so similar, I just forgot which picture belongs to which part of the palette. I hope you’ll forgive me for that.

The over all pigmentation isn’t bad. Of course, there are better shadows, but since it’s so affordable, I  don’t think that matters. I love how pigmented the darker shades are. As well as the gold which is really pretty. The highlighters didn’t really show up on the pictures, since they’re quite close to my skintone, but they are great too.

I think that E.L.F. did a great job creating this palette. The look of it is absolutely amazing, the quality is great and it’s affordable. I think this would be a great palette to give to someone for Christmas. That might be a little late now, but it’s never too late to give yourself (or someone else) a late Christmas present isn’t it?

The Natural Eyeshadow Book  by EyesLipsFace is available on their site for €6,-.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and let me know what your favorite budget eyeshadow palette is!



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