Maybelline Colorshow Nail polish

Recently I’ve been a little obsessed with buying new nail polishes. The Maybelline Colorshow nail polish is one of those. This color was just so pretty and special, I couldn’t resist. If you want to know whether is was worth the buy and some swatches, keep on reading!

The pretty color I’m talking about is called On Ice. It’s a really special blue with lots and lots of glitters in it. Some of those glitters are blue, some are green, some are silver. I think that this diversity in glitters is what makes this polish so special.

Look at that beauty! It’s absolutely stunning. I couldn’t stop looking at it when I applied it. It’s just so special and different every time you look at it. The most amazing thing is that this nail polish stays. The staying power has really, really impressed me. I didn’t expect it to last a week, but it did. It survived P.E., work, opening my Sleek blush, etc.

I just can’t stop loving that color. I think that this is the prettiest and most special nail polish out there. It’s the perfect winter nail polish!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and let me know what your favorite nail polish color is!

The Maybelline Color Show Nail polishes are available at drugstores for ā‚¬3,99

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