E.L.F. Tinted Lipbalm

It is time for the last E.L.F. review in 2014. How exciting does that sound. Within a few days it will be 2015! But, back to what I wanted to say, the lipbalm. I’m a huge fan of tinted lipbalms. What’s better than a lip product that makes your lips look good and hydrates them at the same time? Well, I don’t know. Because I love tinted lipbalms so much I bought this one by E.L.F. If you want to know more about it there’s only one thing you can do, which is press that read more button and keep on reading!

The lipbalm comes in this really cute small jar. I’m actually not sure whether or not I like the packaging. On one had I love it, but on the other hand I’ve seen cuter jars. And by the way for those of you that don’t know, yes, jars can actually be cute.

The lipbalm I decided to buy is in the shade Grapefruit. It’s a red shade with an orangy undertone. It’s the perfect tinted lipbalm color.

The lipbalm is really creamy and soft. It’s not one of those lipbalms that are so hard you can’t even get some product out. It’s actually really easy.

I personally like lipbalms in jars, but I know lots of you don’t. Even though you might not like that, I still think it’s worth the try. It’s a really pretty color, and if it hydrates your lips well, well, than I think it’s worth it.

The lipbalm is surprisingly pigmented. Most tinted lipbalms are not really tinted and don’t moisturize your lips, but this one is a real exception. By looking at the picture you can already see how moisturizing it is. This is not one of those drying “lipbalms”. No, this is the real deal. This is what a real tinted lipbalm should be like. It’s comparable to the Baby Lips by Maybelline, but a little bit more smooth.

Over all I think this lipbalm is freaking amazing! I really love it. Besides the pigmentation and moisture, it also tastes pretty good (I found that out by accident. I do not eat lipbalms haha). I think that for what it costs, it’s a great product and it’s really worth the try.

I hope you all enjoyed this article, and let me know what your favorite tinted lipbalm is!

This lipbalm is available at eyeslipsface.com for €2,50

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