Favorite nail polishes 2014

It’s almost 2015, which means that today it’s time for my favorite nail polishes of 2014. Tomorrow there wil be an article about my favorite make-up products of 2014. I decided to do these two seperatly because it’s a lot. It really is. If you want to see my favorite nail polishes, keep on reading!

The first polishes are by L’Oreal. It’s from their Les blancs collection. I was really excited about those when they came out since they have great coverage, which is not always the case with light polishes. They were also pretty affordable so I bought two. I’ve worn these a lot throughout the year, and I still really like them.

The yellow color is called Lemon Meringue and the lilac is called Nouvelle Vague.

The next two polishes are both by Maybelline. The first one is from their Super Stay line. I have five colors from that collection, but this one is my fave. It’s called Rose Salsa and it’s a really pretty vibrant pink color. It’s the perfect summer polish.

The next one is a pretty recent buy. I bought it only a few weeks ago. It’s from the Forever Strong Pro collection and it’s in the shade Volcanic Red. I’m so in love with this color!

These polishes might have been my absolute favorites. They are from the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel collection. I really, really like them. They will stay on your nails for about a week, and the colors are very, very pretty. I’m a huge fan of these.

The other polish is also by Sally Hansen. It’s from their Salon Pro collection and it’s in the shade Gold Roses. It’s one of the prettiest polishes in my collection.

Then we have a Sinful colors nail polish in the color Easy Going. It’s a very light color with great coverage. It was very affordable and the quality is amazing!

The other two are by O.P.I. The first one is from the Carrie Underwood collection and the Nicole by O.P.I. collection and it’s in the shade Color Me Country. I really like this one. The other O.P.I. polish is in the shade Die Another Day. The reason I love these two so much is that I got both of them from my boyfriend. That makes them a little more special.

These two W.I.C. by Herome polishes have been in my collection for years, but in 2014 I rediscovered them. I decided to put one on, the red one which is called Las Vegas, and I fell in love. The quality is absolutely amazing!

The other one is called Rome which is a really pretty pink color. It’s the perfect pink shade.

And that was already it. Well, it was actually quite a lot. I really hope you liked this post, and let me know what your fave nail polishes of 2014 are!

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