Empties #2

Oh yeah, it’s time for my second empties article! I’m always really proud of myself when I finish something. I just don’t like finishing something so most of the time when something is almost empty I already start using something else and that little bit that is left over will never ever be used again. Lately I’ve been trying to change that, and I did quite a good job I think. If you want to see the products I’ve used up, keep on reading!

The first product is this Schwartzkopf 7 herbes shampoo. This shampoo is silicone free and does actually have quite good ingrediënts in it. This is not one of those products that promises there’s (for example) argan oil in it, but in fact there’s only one little droplet in it. I like that about it. I do think it’s a great product, and I’m still using it (we have lots of back-ups). It’s great for those of you that struggle with greasy hair.

Next up are some beauty products. First off all, I finished my Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof mascara, which I’m not that excited about. This is one of the worlds best mascara’s. I love how waterproof it is, but still gives me that volume I want.

Another product I’ve used up is the Catrice Camouflage Cream. This is the best budget proof creamy concealer ever. I’ve repurchased this already ’cause it’s that amazing.

Something else I’ve used up is the MaxFactor CC cream. I freakin’ love this stuff. I think this is the best foundation/CC cream ever created and I luckily have two back-ups. I can’t live without it!

I also finished two brow products. One is the Catrice Brow Gel, which I again repurchased. This is not something I’m really excited about, but it’s just a great product.

The other brow product is the Hema eyebrow pencil. It became so small it was just hard to use it so I decided to get a new one and throw this one out. I think it’s a great product, especially when you look at the price. It’s only 2 euro’s and it lasts about 2 years.

Next up are these two E.L.F. eyeshadow primers. As you could have seen in my E.L.F. haul I bought 4 more of these, because I like them so much. Both of these are actually broken as you can tell. I think these primers are just the best when it comes to budget proof primers.

Lastly I finished two deoderants. One is in stick form, it’s the Dove Original. I like it, but it’s basic. It’s not a product I can’t live without. It does it’s job but that’s basically it.

The other deoderant is a little bit more amazing. It smells amazing, it makes my underarm area soft and it keeps me from getting smelly. I really, really love this stuff.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and let me know which products you’ve finished!


8 thoughts on “Empties #2

  1. De catrice concealer en het HEMA wenkbrauwpotloodje zijn ook absoluut favorieten van mij. Ze werken gewoon zo goed! En zeker voor hun prijs zijn ze echt geweldig.


  2. Ik herken dat idee van trots zijn als iets op is. Haha. Leuk trouwens dat je in het Engels blogt, zit nog steeds te twijfelen om beide te doen omdat sommige dingen in het Engels gewoon mooier klinken. En ook uiten gaat voor mij makkelijker. Ik betrap mezelf erop dat ik veel Engelse woorden heb in mijn gedachtengang.



    • Ik begrijp helemaal wat je bedoeld! Ik heb ook lang getwijfeld. Het voordeel is wel dat je door in het Engels te bloggen de hele werel kan bereiken.


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