E.L.F. Nail Polish Garnet

Lately I’ve been really into nail polish, and I have been loving trying out new ones almost every single week. This time I tried the E.L.F. nail polish in Garnet, which is a beautiful deep red shimmery color. But is it as good as all the other ones I’ve tried? Keep on reading to find out!

It was hard to take a good picture of this polish, so I apologize for the crappy pictures.

This polish comes in a rectangular shaped bottle, which looks pretty chique actually. Through the glass you can obviously see the color, which is very pretty. It’s one of the prettiest deep red colors in my opinion.

But what I don’t like about this product is the applicator. A normal nail polish brush is slightly round on the end, so it’s easy to apply the polish close to the cuticles, but this one is just straight. Even worse, the end is quite wide, wider than my nail so it was almost impossible to not mess up.

Even though the brush was really annoying, I managed to apply it pretty neat. The color was very, very covering. Within one layer you actually already had enough coverage. I like to apply two because that normally makes the color a little more intense, but there wasn’t much of a difference actually. That is really a plus.

But, when it comes to staying power E.L.F. has failed. Within an hour or two I spotted the first chip. The second day already three of my nails looked horrible, and three days there wasn’t a single normal nail left.

Because of that horrible staying power I don’t think I’ll wear this polish again anytime soon, and I don’t think I will ever buy another one of these. Too bad because it’s such a pretty color!

I hope you enjoyed reading todays article, and let me know if you’ve ever tried and E.L.F. nail polish and if so what’s your opinion on it?

The E.L.F. Nail Polish in Garnet is available at eyeslipsface.com for €2,50

11 thoughts on “E.L.F. Nail Polish Garnet

  1. I love the deep, redwine colours, those are my favorites for nail polish ^.^ Love this one, i’m going to have to order a couple next time i order from elf! x Great post x


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