What I got for Christmas

Today I want to show you guys everything I got for Christmas. This years Christmas was absolutely amazing. I had lots of fun. I think this Christmas is my fave. Besides doing lots of games and spending lots of time with my loved ones, I also received some gifts. I you want to see what I got this year, keep on reading!

First of all I got this super adorable Santa mug. It’s so super cute and it’s quite big which is always a plus. Then I have the Primark Shimmering Body Lotion which smells absolutely amazing. I love the scent and the shimmers in it. It’s the best.

Next up are two candles, and yes, the owl is actually a candle! Isn’t it cute. I really, really love it. It smells really good too. The other one is very chique and luxurious looking. This one smells like Blackcurrent and Orchid which is the best combi ever.

Next up are two gift cards. One is for H&M and the other one for Kruidvat (Dutch drugstore). I love getting gift cards because I can decide myself what I want to get without really paying for it. That’s the dream isn’t it?!

I also got this cute little snow globe thingy from my grandmother. I love these so much.

Then I got these amazing PJ pants. I love PJ pants, I basically live in them. The funny thing is that I actually wanted to buy these a few weeks ago, but didn’t because there was another pair I liked too. Now I have them anyways. These pants are by the way the most comfortable PJ pants you’ll ever find. It has pockets(!!) and it’s made from a quite thick material so it keeps you warm.

Next up are these super soft and cozy socks. Besides loving PJ pants I also love socks. I basically love everything cozy and soft actually. These socks are the softest things I’ve ever felt in my entire life and they are pink. Well that’s the recipe for perfection.

I also got these two Hema “blij makers” (happy makers) in the scent Mellow Warm and Wonderful which is my favorite scent from the collection. I got the body lotion and showergel. I’ve used these almost everyday since I got them.

One of my favorite things is this Rituals Magic Touch body cream. I ran out of this one quite a while ago, and I didn’t repurchase it yet. I absolutely love this product, the texture and the scent. It has always been one of my favorite body products.

My sweet boyfriend got me this Sally Hansen polish. I love these polishes a lot, so I’m glad I got one more in my collection. This color is so stunning. It’s a very pretty light blue, mint, greyish color. Love it!

I also got two blankets. Again, I love soft things so blankets are always a good idea if you ask me. I got one in a very pretty greyish brown color and one with cute little owls on it. It’s super adorable and they are both super soft. I can never have enough blankets. I actually have 5 on my bed at the moment.

Last but not least I got a few make-up products. I got this Pixi Mesmerizing Eyeshadow palette which is absolutely stunning. It’s my first Pixi product but I can already tell you I’m loving that brand. I also got the Sleek Face Form which has been on my wishlist for ages and the Real Techniques Expert Face brush which has been on there for a long time too.

I’m really happy and thankful for everything I got this Christmas. I love all these presents so so much. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and let me know what you got for Christmas!

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