New in: Huge beauty giftbag from Beautyill

A while ago I met Helen from She gave me this big ass bag filled with lots and lots of beauty products. I’m so thankful for that, and so excited I decided to show you all products that were in the bag. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

The first four products are all foundations. They all look really good to me, especially the one from Oriflame, but they sadly don’t match my skin color. Hopefully this summer I’ll finially get a bit of a tan so I can wear these!

Next up are the Oriflame The One concealer and powder. These are actually the right color for my skin tone, and I’m really excited to try them. I really like trying new concealers, since I’m always on the hunt for the perfect one to conceal my undereye circles.

I also got three nail polishes by Trind from the winter 2014 collection. I’m so in love with these colors! I immediately tried one on. They are absolutely gorgeous!

Another thing I’m very excited about is the Makeup Revolution Death By Chocolate palette. This palette is inspired by the Too Faced Chocolate palette which I do have, but this one contains quite different colors which are also very, very pretty.

I also got the Sleek Ultra Mattes palette. I really love this one. It contains lots of colors I didn’t have in my collection.

Next up are these skincare products by Raw Cosmetics. I used them the night I got them, and I can already say that these are absolutely amazing!

I also got the Kruidvat Master Perfumer in White Lily which is an amazing scent. I really love the look of the bottle and how special this perfume smells.

In the bag were also three The Body Shop nail polishes. The people that have been following my blog for a while know how I love TBS. I was already planning on buying these soon, but now I don’t have to anymore. By the way, how pretty are these colors?! They are so different but pretty.

Next up is this really pretty baked eyeshadow by Catrice. I already have this one in another shade, which is one of my favorite eyeshadows so I was very happy to see this one. It’s a very dark color with some gold in it. It’s perfect!

These are defenitely the products I’m most excited about. In the bag were SIX Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polishes. I love these! I’ve done a review on two of them a while ago, and after that I got another one, but now I have six more. SIX!

The next products are by Etos. It’s a transparent finishing powder, which is great for my oily skin, a blush stick and a primer. I’ve been wanting to try this primer for so long now, and now I can. I’m so happy about that.

I also got these two mini O.P.I nail polishes. They are so small and adorable. I absolutely love them. I also really, really like the colors. I’m so excited to put all of the nail polishes on!

That wasn’t it yet for the nail polishes. I also got three NYC Crystal Couture nail polishes. They are so pretty and glittery. I really like the look of them and I’m so excited to see how these look on the nails.

Lastly for the nail part of this giftbag are the Pupa Nail Art Mania Bubbles, the Essence Hello Autumn nail polish (which changes color when the temperature changes) and the Miss Sporty Nail Expert Manicure for dried cuticles.

Next up are two Maybelline lip products. One is the Color Drama Lip pencil. Literally a day before I got this I was thinking about buying one of these pencils. The other product is the Baby Lips, which as most of you guys now I absolutely love. I might be the biggest Baby Lips lover on earth!

Then I got these Essence Gel Tints. These are (I guess) for the lips. I already tried them since they looked so special to me. I love the colors a lot. They look red, but the lightest one is more like a peach. I really love these two!

Then I have the TBS lipgloss in Frosted Cranberry and the Shimmer Bauble. I’ve already Β done a review on that since the lipgloss is a limited edition for Christmas so I had to get it up before the 25th. It’s still available actually, but for a lot cheaper since Christmas is over.

Next up are these Anatomicals Wake-up Under Eye Patches. I love that these were in there, since I always struggle with dark circles. I really hope they work for me!

I also got the Lush Karma soap. This one smells so extremely good and strong. I cycled home from my dads house with this big ass bag with me, and the entire time I smelled this soap. I really love that!

Lastly I got this Naturaltech Replumping Hair Filler and the Gosh Defining Brow Gel. I’m really excited about both of these products. My hair has always been quite thin, so I hope this hair product will change that.

(I forgot to take a picture of it, but there was also a hairspray and some hair clips in the bag)

That was it. It’s such a lot and I’m so thankful for it. Again, thank you so so so so so much for all these products Helen! I really, really like it!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this, and let me know which products you really want me to review!


10 thoughts on “New in: Huge beauty giftbag from Beautyill

  1. Wauw wat een goodiebag! De etos primer is heel fijn en de sally hansen lakjes ben ik ook verslaafd aan. Echt heel leuk dat je gewonnen hebt πŸ™‚


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