Jane Iredale Eyeshadow

A while ago I entered this give away on www.ohfashion.nl and I actually won. This was the first time ever I won something so I’m pretty excited. I won this gorgeous eyeshadow by Jane Iredale, a brand that I didn’t know yet, in this gorgeous color dusk. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

The eyeshadow comes in this really cute little jar. The only thing it says is: “dusk”.  It doesn’t give you any further information on the brand, the product whatsoever. I kind of like that about it. It look just really clean and simple.

The color of it is my favorite part. It’s the most gorgeous dark brown, kind of taupe color. I really love taupe colors, those are my fave! It looks very luxurious because it doesn’t have chunks of glitter it in, but it does have this really chique shimmer if you get what I mean. I love, love, love that.

Even better is that it’s freakin’ pigmented. I was so surprised by that! I haven’t seen a lot of shadows that are this pigmented. It’s not powdery at all, it looks really smooth on the eye. I love that. It’s the perfect crease color for me. This will look good with lots of colors, which is always a plus.

Over all I’m very happy with this shadow, and I’m really grateful that I won this. I really want to thank Evelien for it, and I hope you guys enjoyed reading this review!

The Jane Iredale eyeshadow is available at www.skinstore.nl for €19,90 (the packaging is different but it’s the same thing).

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