Hema Bodylotions & Showergel

One of my favorites stores ever, Hema, came out with a new collection called “Blijmakers” a while ago. Blijmakers means “happy makers”.  This collection consists out of lots of fun and cute products. In this collection are some beauty related products as well, such as bodylotions, showergels, scrubs, etc. Today I’ll be reviewing some of them!

The first product is a bodylotion in the scent Floral Fresh and Fascinating. It comes in a big blue tube which contains 150 ml of product. The bodylotion smells, just like the name says, fresh and floral. I like that even though it is a fresh scent, it’s still warm. Because of that you can use this all year ’round.

Another nice thing about it is that it’s hydrating, but it does sink into the skin very quickly because of the thin formula. I would not say that this is as hydrating as a body butter, but it definitely does something for my skin.

Next up is the bodylotion in the scent Mellow Warm and Wonderful. This one is my favorite from the entire collection. It’s a nice sweet and warm scent. I like that it’s not too sweet like the VS bodylotions because that’s just not really my thing.

When it comes to moisturizing your body this one is exactly the same as the previous one. Literally the only difference is the scent.

The bodylotions are quite thin. It’s very easy to blend into your skin and it will be absorbed within a few seconds. The only downside is that there is the possibility that when you open it holding it upside down a lot of product comes out. Be careful with that.

The last product is the Mellow Warm and Wonderful shower gel. I wanted the shower foam version, but it was sold out. This one is a nice replacement for that. It smells the same as the bodylotion, which is amazing ’cause it smells really good and it works nice too. A little bit of this goes a long way since it’s very foamy. After using this I really feel like I’m clean.

Over all I’m very happy with these products and I will definitely buy some more products from this collection. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and let me know if you’ve ever tried something from this collection!

The Hema Blijmakers are available at their stores and at hema.nl and hemashop.com for €2,-. They ship to lots of countries within the EU.

11 thoughts on “Hema Bodylotions & Showergel

  1. Deze moet ik echt snel eens proberen, ze klinken héérlijk! Ook fijn dat ze snel intrekken 🙂


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